Marie Claire Gets the Scoop on Fabletics June 21, 2016

Kate Hudson was just interviewed by Marie Claire for her new take on the athleisure trend. Kate Hudson is getting ahead of the pack on the athleisure style through her designs with Fabletics. She has been the face of the fast-growing brand ever since it was founded in 2013. In her latest interview with Marie Claire, Hudson chats about the launch of dresses and bathing suits by Fabletics, which she thinks will take the company to a whole new level in the fashion world.

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Hudson was asked all about her perspective on how to rock more comfortable fashion choices outside of the traditional gym or yoga studio setting. With a few fashion hacks, like not pairing two baggy pieces of clothing together, Hudson encourages women to embrace the comfort of athletic clothing in all different settings. She said she could see herself throwing on the new dresses from Fabletics to stroll around town or run some quick errands. While all of the choices may not be appropriate for a gala, the Fabletics everyday outfits do make gym wear more stylish. The dresses hit the shelves in April of this year and have been in hot demand ever since. Women love that they do not have to wear a bra with some of the Fabletics dresses because a comfortable sports bra is built right in.

Along with dresses and bathing suits, Fabletics offers an incredible range of athletic clothing to help women transfer from the gym to regular activities. Fabletics uses a broad spectrum of colors and patterns, so there are plenty of interesting options to mix and match. The Fabletics inventory is constantly updated because of the company’s unique subscription model, which offers amazing discounts to regular customers.

If you are considering trying out Fabletics on, the biggest bang for your buck is definitely through the online monthly subscription. You pay only $49.95 each month for a complete outfit and shipping. You are always able to exchange an outfit that does not work for you or try out another size. Fabletics has such a big customer base partly because of the deep discounts it is able to offer customers through this subscription service. The prices simply cannot be beat, and customers do not have to compromise on quality to take advantage of them. With awesome discounts and super trendy styles, it is easy to see why Fabletics has become such a hit.

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Cambridge Bestows Highest Service Award to Brian Bonar June 17, 2016

One of the most notable past recipients of the annual, Who’s Who Executive of the Year award in Finance is the highly decorated Brian Bonar. According to a news article published by PRNewswire in 2010, the award honors two outstanding male and female members in each of the competing disciplines.

These special honorees are chosen based on merits such as academic achievements, professional accomplishments and leadership abilities. Majority of the strong Cambridge Who’s who members reside in the English speaking countries of the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Brian Bonar is best known as the Chairman and CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. Read more: TREP Brian Bonar Insider Trades for Trucept Inc.

Dalrada acts as a marketing liaison for employee targeted programs whose aim is to speed business efficiency. The company’s product portfolio includes; risk management insurance, business management and promotion and financial management services. Bonar’s professional management experience in the financial sector spans over 30 years. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

For over a decade, he has been at the helm of Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he oversees an array of employee and employer benefits and aftermarket products. Bonar also holds top designations in several companies; he is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service, Inc and Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc.

Brief About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a highly experienced financial services expert and seasoned entrepreneur. His areas of specialty include in finance include; mergers and acquisition, employee relations, venture capital, sales, private equity and sales. Bonar is the current Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept.

Before his latest engagements, he served as executive in a number of companies, including; Solvis Group, AMS Outsourcing, Allegiant Professional Business Services and IBM. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar worked at IBM in Europe, USA and Asia for 18 years and was in charge of outsourcing motherboards for IBM personal computers.

He founded a PEO firm called AMS Outsourcing in 2007. The firm is involved in transportation sector and has a global presence stretching all the way to the Czech Republic and Mexico.

Brian Bonar served as the President and later the Principal Financial Officer at Allegiant Professional Business Services, from March 2008 to December 2010. He was specifically placed in charge of marketing, sales and insurance products. Bonar is highly educated and connected around the world.

According to Bush League Times, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University, a Masters in Business Administration and PhD in International Business from Stafford University in the UK. He is professionally affiliated with the American Financial Association (AFA) and holds an honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick in the UK. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Brian is also a prolific restaurateur and a philanthropist. He is the entrepreneur behind the successful Bellamy Bistro in San Diego.

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Bustle Blogger Reaches For WEN to Transform Flat Frizzy Hair June 16, 2016

Like many of us, Emily McClure was cursed with fine, frizzy, do nothing locks, and she was sick of it. She wanted Hollywood hair like she saw on the TV WEN infomercials, intrigued by the no-shampoo hair method. So, the Bustle beauty blogger chose to try the WEN system in a 7-day hair challenge to see if bouncy, big hair were in her future.
Popular LA stylist Chaz Dean had created the incredible WEN hair care program that is suited for every type of hair on the planet. His gentle and effective botanical sephora sold formulas are so different from store bought shampoos and conditioners. His WEN brand is made without the harsh detergents present in regular shampoo products. WEN uses cleansing conditioners that deliver strength and shine back to hair, no matter what age you are.

Emily McClure decided to begin a daily AM Wen wash in the shower. She read the directions and chose to use much less product on her medium length locks than the directions called for. WEN advises using a lot of product, because the formula is different from a lather shampoo. In fact, the more product used, the better the results.

Still, Emily McClure loved how her hair behaved on WEN when she blow-dried and styled. Close friends noticed the new shine and manageability right away. Emily kept hair selfies of all 7-days, and when she stuck to a hair care routine, the facebook selfies showed off glamorous tresses.

Emily McClure admits she can be lazy when it comes to her hair, so a few times she messed up her schedule, using the product at night or skipping the WEN wash altogether. During those moments, her hair fell flat and greasy.

Emily McClure says WEN delivers best results when you adhere to a hair routine.

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George Soros Ukraine June 11, 2016

The new Ukraine needs the support of its allies, and it needs it now if it´s going to survive Russia´s advances, which is vital for the European Union (E.U.) according to George Soros, founder, and chairman of Open Society and Soros Fund Management -a New York firm that manages hedge funds-; since Ukraine represents in his opinion the most valuable asset that Europe has.

Losing Ukraine would cause an irreparable harm to the E.U, stated George Soros Ukraine in an article for the New York Review Books, where he concluded that if Europe doesn’t take action, the consequences could be the creation of a failed state with more than 40 million people who would have to become refugees.

But as the business magnate has pointed out, by helping Ukraine, the E.U. would be able to save itself, if they are open to doing “whatever it takes” in order to help the new Ukraine not survive, but flourish. Doing so the European Union would attain two objectives 1) protect itself from Putin’s Russia and 2) recapture the spirit of cooperation and solidarity.

That being said while the once uncertain Chancellor Merkel has already revived that spirit in regards asylum seekers and the United States has already committed itself more firmly to Ukraine; the risk of this situation between Ukraine and Russia being relegated for more “pending” issues like the immigration one is still latent, event though the only reason why things escalated to this point was because the European state was unable to realize at the time how pressing the matter was and decided to direct all of its attention to the Greek crisis.

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Save the New Ukraine

George Soros – Project Syndicate

In a scene where the crisis of the euro has made the nations allied to the E.U and it´s people question whether this system is still sustainable, Ukraine´s willingness to be part of the state, could lead to -with the E.U. substantial assistance- to a restoration in the faith of said model, by presenting a stable and prosperous nation as proof of the system working.

As a Hungarian-American citizen with experience in both politics and finances, as well intimate knowledge of the new Ukraine; George Soros can be certainly considered an expert in the subject and therefore his strategies and declarations should be explored and analyzed.

When analyzing the magnate´s strategy on how to help Ukraine and how convenient it would be to help the E.U. solve its issues, then what jumps to the forefront is Soros’ notion that while internal crises tend to divide, external ones like Russia´s aggression against Ukraine should be able to unite the European Union.

Therefore, there´s more than a small possibility that Soros claims to how of a threat for both the E.U. as well as North America. President Putin’s representations are being really overlooked. There are sanctions taken against Russia as well that isn’t enough, which is why saving the new Ukraine might actually be key on a larger scale for the European political landscape.

Learn more about George Soros Ukraine:

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Make Wikipedia Less Difficult To Deal With June 6, 2016


An article published on Tech.Mic has highlighted the problems many contributors to Wikipedia have in dealing with Wikipedia management. Some of the issues are common to many online resources, including web sites like Reddit, Facebook, AltspaceVR, and Twitter. People have had to deal with not only malicious trolling but also arbitrary site management’s decisions that affect contributors negatively when all they want to do is make a Wiki page. Because of a number of complaints, Wikipedia as an organization is having to review their process for allowing and enabling anyone to become a contributor or content editor on their site. The goal is to provide a new level of personal safety, especially from bullying and other types of online harassment.

The problem is that when some people attempt to edit a Wiki page, they will often get attacked with vicious, harsh, ridicule for their efforts from either Wikipedia’s official editors or other people who fancy themselves the only experts at making Wikipedia article. According to the article, one contributor was so heavily bullied and verbally abused that they became suicidal. Wikipedia’s management, the Wikimedia Foundation, has taken the issue quite seriously, but has yet to find a good solution to this pervasive problem that has long plagued all sites on the Internet. Up until now, web users of social media have had to simply learn to endure such bad behavior. Now people are standing up for a change, to eliminate an unsafe environment online. Another person is featured in the article, saying he had also experienced the haters when he has made even very simple edits to Wiki pages. He felt obstructed in his efforts. Both people have since had their issues resolved successfully through interactions with Wikipedia’s managers. Here is a link to the article on

This is yet another issue with Wikipedia that shows how the free open online encyclopedia is maturing. Today it has become more important than ever to retain a professional company to create and make a Wikipedia page, such as is provided by Get Your Wiki. They are an organization of Wikipedia editors that operates very tightly with Wikipedia management to create pages that do not usually get removed, have very high SEO accuracy in online Search results, such as through Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. They give a free quote to make new Wiki page within 24 hours of a request and they offer a money-back guarantee. If any of the Wiki pages they produce are ever removed, for any reason, by Wikipedia, they will refund to you their fees. Perhaps more important is the ongoing maintenance and Wikipedia revision service they offer. This is to keep all of your Wikipedia exactly as you want it, quickly undoing any damage done by online trolls or other improper Wikipedia edits. Plus, any information you need to add later is done by Get Your Wiki as part of the service. Read more on Get Your Wiki.

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Securus Technologies Now Releases THREADS 3.1 June 3, 2016

According to PR Newswire, Securus Technologies has now developed version 3.1 of a major prison surveillance tool called THREADS. This tool is highly sophisticated and runs a lot of complex algorithms, but in essence what it does is monitor inmate behavior and help alert incident response teams to any potential danger an inmate might pose. It is also has been designed to relay important information from criminal databases to law enforcement agents who may need it for a case. Through predictive analytic tools and by monitoring criminal behavior, this tool helps law enforcement better identify immediate threats and potential aid an inmate might be giving to criminals outside. Learn more by watching this youtube video.
Securus Technologies has been in operation since about 1986 and is based in the Dallas, TX area. Its focus has been on using and developing technology to help make correctional facilities more secure, but also to make life easier for inmates and non-incarcerated family members that come to visit them. Securus‘ programs are used by thousands of correctional facilities across the nation and are fully compliant with all FCC regulations.Visit

Securus Technologies cover a broad range of security communication concerns such as phone lines and mail received. Their Telephone Service and Secure Instant Mail solutions scan for any irregular patterns in phone calls, or for any words that could be a perceived as threats or warrant an investigation. The mail scanners make for a quicker sending and receiving of mail so that lengthy examinations of documents are not needed. Securus now offers a video visitation service so that if it’s inconvenient to travel to the prison building, visitors can schedule a meeting with an inmate via a videoconferencing program [see,] and do so right from their own home. This program has saved both prison facilities and visiting persons time and money.

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‘Mom’ I Was Hungry May 24, 2016

Economic collapse can cause a lot of things to occur, because when people are desperate they will do whatever it takes to survive explained by expert Danilo Diaz Granados. The current state of emergency for Venezuela is but one of a long line of current economic disasters around the world; however, this darling of a country was thought to be a poster child.
The food riots have begun as people are trying to get what they can because, in the end, survival at the most basic level is all that is thought of. At the Guardian, reports are that as food lines have formed based on there being items such as chicken and rice, the expectations to get a fair share has been interrupted.

When the food lines are insufficient people have been reported to break into bakeries and take what they need. This is the current state of Venezuela because people are desperate for basic things. “Chicken and rice is a delicacy turned luxury and will be the difference between some facing starvation” added Granados.

The government is still able to maintain a little control as these protest against what is happening have quickly turned into rioting. There is little room for holding back on either side because looting begets looting and that is a no win situation for both. The ability to eat cannot be taken for granted at this time because people are hungry and they can’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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Video Email Marketing Made Easy by Talk Fusion May 17, 2016

Talk Fusion is a company that was founded in 2007. They offer innovative video marketing services that businesses from all over the globe can take advantage of to reach their audience better. CEO and founder Bob Reina got the idea for his company after he tried to insert a 10-second video into an email that he was sending through America Online’s service, but was told that it’s not possible. This has led him to team up with a friend having experienced in IT to create solutions that let people insert videos right into emails without much difficulty.

Video marketing can be very useful for businesses across all industries. According to a report on the topic by Hello Tesla, a business that decides to include video in their email marketing campaigns can actually increase their email marketing revenue by 40%. As Internet use has grown, people are now receiving more and more marketing emails and are starting to pay less attention to them. However, combining the power of video marketing with email marketing has been shown to give companies a way to capture the attention of their audiences.

A study done by the Relevancy Group shows that emails containing a video are 20% more likely to be opened and have click-through rates that are 2 to 3 times higher. Video is able to do a lot of things that text can’t, such as giving you a far more efficient way of expressing the personality behind your brand.

Video marketing is so powerful that entire businesses have been founded around it. Talk Fusion is one of the most reputable companies in this industry, ranking as the 8th biggest provider of online video content across the world.

What makes them so popular is just how easy their services are to use. They make video marketing accessible to all businesses, large or small. They provide more than 1,000 templates to get users started, with the option of creating customized ones for those who are more experienced. The products offered by Talk Fusion allow businesses to quickly create video newsletters and marketing emails.

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ClassDojo: Improving Classroom Behavior and Generate Real-Time Data May 12, 2016

Communicating throughout the school day ensure that parents receive consistent updates of what their children are experiencing and how they are behaving at school. ClassDojo is a tool that engages students and keeps parent updated. It is the easiest way for teachers to encourage their students and motivate positive behaviors while sharing best moments in school with parents. Students love positive energy from both parents and teachers, and they will often strive for Dojo points rewards.


Class Dojo can be used both as a website and as an app that is supported by versatile devices including Android and iOS devices. If you land on the main page, there is nice introductory video and summary of things you can do with ClassDojo. A teacher you can encourage students to track their progress, to parent you can send an announcement, images, and messages, which have read receipt to show who have seen the information.


Teachers use ClassDojo to schedule class activities and let them be known to parents and send photos and video to parent showing off students’ latest participation in class. Teacher customize ClassDojo to fit their classroom and reward students for things like teamwork, completing homework in time, arriving school on time, participating in class discussions or whatever benefits a teacher will like to see and impact in a classroom.


A simple thing like picture speaks thousands word, and a video millions words. Using ClassDojo parent will enjoy magical moments seeing children fully absorbed in classroom task such drawing, painting, reciting a poem, putting a project together or whatever a child is participating at to create excellence.


After an interview with Nottingham Primary School children, it was noted that students love ClassDojo for several reasons. Firstly, it is because they can Change their avatar and get Dojo Points for helping peers in the classroom, answer a question correctly, handle homework, showing to school on time, and the list was endless. One particular girl was very proud of getting Dojo points because when she gets home, she will get a “well done” from her parents. For this reason, she wanted to behave and do well even more.


ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011, the company has already raised $21 million which is used to grow their team and exploring more features and content that can be useful to parents, teachers, and students, not only at school but also at home.


Learn more about ClassDojo:

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Beneful has plenty of variety May 10, 2016

I was in the store the other dy, looking for dog food. I came across several products by the Beneful brand. Have you seen these? Their most memorable product is the wet dog food they produce. That’s not all they make though! They have several options for the choosy dog owner.
Nestle Purinastore produces several kinds of dog food. The first one that caught my eye was their dry dog food. They have so many flavors of it! The one that really seemed to stand out to me as something my dog would like to try was their Real Beef version. This version of their dry food contains actual beef inside it! What dog doesn’t like to have their food made with real beef? They also offer dry food made with real chicken or salmon! Beneful knows just what dogs love to much on.

They also offer on Wal-Mart a very unique options for dogs. They have wet dog food (! Some of the varieties of their food actually look good enough to eat yourself! They offer their Incredibites for smaller dogs. It comes in real beef and other tasty flavors. For the normal sized dog, they carry a doggy version of beef stew! There is also a Tuscan blend for your pup. It’s chock full of nutrients like all Beneful meals are. Beneful uses real ingredients like tomatoes, spinach, carrots, and wild rice. They have so many other options! Let your best friend dine tonight on something absolutely delicious and healthy for him.



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