Handy Tops the List of Home Cleaning Service Providers November 28, 2016

Handy Cleaning Services was formerly known as Handybook. The New York City-based cleaning services company was founded in 2012 by Hanrahan Oisin and his classmate Umang Dua. The idea of starting a cleaning company came after they discovered a shortage in quality and professional cleaners in the US and Ireland. Handy was established to provide cleaning services to people with busy schedules and the elderly who cannot find time to perform their chores. Currently, Handy is rated as the best home cleaning services provider. Furthermore, its booking process takes approximately 60 seconds. The clients’ money is secure, and they assure 100% refund in case a client is not satisfied with the services.

Handy.com has been consistent in providing solutions to regular home problems. With just a tap on you iPhone, you can order a plumber, cleaner or handyman. Handy has become the Uber of home maintenance. The company is growing fast, with over 50 employees and several freelancers. They scrutinize their freelancers thoroughly to ensure they have a passionate and dedicated team. Although millions apply to work for Handy, only 3% are hired. Currently, Handy operates in more than 28 cities. In January 2014, it bought the West Coast cleaning business. In 2014, Handy announced having generated over $1 million bookings every week. Handy’s run rate increased from $3 to $52 million within two years in operation.

Handy’s Furniture Delivery Services

Handy launched their furniture delivery service in 2015. The service involves furniture assembly, shopping, and delivery. Handy raised $64 million to launch its subsidiary, Handy Delivery. The furniture is bought through Handy’s site and distributed by Ikea Furniture. If Handy’s website does not have a client’s furniture of interest, customers are advised to mail the type of furniture they want to Handy for pricing. As such, Handy can expand and incorporate more furniture store. According to Hanrahan, Handy’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, there is no direct partnership between Handy and Ikea furniture. He also added that Handy has no plans of becoming an e-commerce portal.

Handy’s main rival in the cleaning service, Homejoy pulled out of the market last year. Months after their departure, Handy raised $50 million in new funding. The funds were from Fidelity, Highland Capital, General Catalyst, TPG Growth, and Revolution Growth. The funds will be channeled towards expanding the services in other cities within one year. Handy plans to double its area of operation to ensure its client base increases and is well-served.


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The Career And Philanthropy Of Marc Sparks November 12, 2016

Marc Sparks currently lives in Dallas, Texas. He is the founder of a number of businesses, including a well known investment company called Timber Creek Capital. This company has assisted many successful corporations to successfully invest money.

However, Timber Creek Capital is not just a business that helps other companies to invest. Instead, they provide other forms of assistance to those running a business, as well. They assist with changes in corporate structure along with other important bits of business advice.

In addition to his career as an entrepreneur, Marc Sparks has had a distinguished career in the communications sector. He has worked with several companies, such as Splash Media and Jay Wireless. These companies are continuing to do quite well.

Marc Sparks also has gained notoriety as an author. The book that he published has been a great help to many up and coming entrepreneurs. It’s title is They Can’t Eat You, and it helps to encourage people in the creation of their own businesses.

In addition, They Can’t Eat You provides practical business advice. The book is quite easy to find, and it is available from a number of sources on the internet

He’s also a well known philanthropist. Marc Sparks has donated to organizations in his local area of Dallas, Texas. The organizations he has donated to have helped to improve many lives.

For instance, he has helped to improve the services provided by a local homeless shelter. He also has assisted the Habitat for Humanity in the construction of new homes. In addition, he has assisted an organization that helps young people in the Dallas area to complete a high school education.

In addition, Marc Sparks and his wife have started a competition, called The Spark Tank, where non-profit organizations compete to win funding.

There are a number of qualifying factors that non-profit organizations have to meet prior to being accepted into the competition. Once they meet them, the winning organization is chosen after going through a few separate phases of the competition. The organization that wins receives five thousand dollars.

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A Fiscally Safe Guide to NFL Betting November 9, 2016

The arrival of the NFL season brings with it a tremendous amount of fan enthusiasm. Millions of people around the world love to watch the pro football season play out. A lot of fun can be had viewing the games. And yes, quite a bit of money could potentially be earned with NFL betting. Since wagering on the NFL brings forth the ability to earn additional income, some may wonder if being a “professional NFL better” is a possible career strategy. Probably not, but supplementing an income could be done if the end of the season leads to more wins than losses.

Scoring massive wins betting on NFL odds is a possibility. Win streaks combined with huge bet figures could pay off big. Those hoping to “earn a little money” from the NFL probably should think more caustically. Instead of trying to clean up during the season, it may be wise to place strategic bets for nominal amounts in moderation. The money won could then be used to cover bills here and there. The less-risky approach reduces the potential for losing big money. Wins and losses are never guaranteed, but a sensible betting approach keeps wagering outcomes from being financially calamitous.

Placing a wager is fairly easy. Once an account with a sportsbook is opening, a few clicks of a mouse puts money on a game. The relative ease of placing a bet does not mean it is easy to win or that anyone should be flippant with betting. Carefully selecting a team and looking over the lines and spreads closely is necessary for the conservative better. Putting a bit of time researching and reviewing lines and spreads absolutely pays off. Rushing this this part of the process would not be advisable under any circumstances.

It bears mentioning that any news about lines, spreads, or other information must come from a credible source. Covers.com is a fantastic resource for those interested in wagering on the NFL. The site is easy to navigate and includes expert insights from many who know sports wagering. A great many sports are discussed on Cover.com. NFL, NBA, NCAA sports, and more. Visiting the page definitely is worth the effort for those looking to place any manner of bets.

Conservative betters who are looking to make a little helpful money with their NFL wagering do have to be smart with their money. Good research helps with the smartness.

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Handy Delivers Big on Services November 8, 2016

The services that Handy offers are related to the home, but the company doesn’t promise to come in and clean your home for you. Instead, they promise to connect you with the perfect person to clean your home for you. This allows them the chance to be the middle person between you and the person who is able to clean your house. When Handy was first created, it was done so in response to a need for convenience in the home cleaning industry for both people who need a house cleaner and people who need to offer their services to those people.

Handy ensures that their house cleaners are all screened before they are allowed to put their services on the  nyctechmommy website. Cleaners can also choose to take additional certifications through Handy so that they are able to boast that and be a step above their competition. They can do everything that it takes to stand out among the many people who are on the Handy site and the many people who are offering their home cleaning service through different avenues on the web. Handy allows them to make themselves look different than other companies that are present on the site.

When it comes to the homeowners, they can easily compare the different house cleaning options that Handy has to offer. They are able to find exactly what they need on the site and they can make sure that they are doing different things to find what they are looking for. House cleaners do things to make themselves stand apart and homeowners can benefit from that. When homeowners search for house cleaners in different areas, they are able to get exactly what they need from the different house cleaners and what they have to offer.

All of this is done without ever having to visit an unsavory website or buying a classified’s newspaper. Homeowners do not need to worry about many different things when they are looking for homes in different areas. They also need to make sure that they are getting the right service for them. If either the homeowner or the home cleaner feels uneasy about anything when it comes to negotiating services, they can immediately terminate the communication with the other party. This means that they will not have to talk to them at all when they decide to stop the communication process through the Handy app.


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White Shark Media is Climbing to the Top, Treating their Clients with Fast, Efficient Service October 30, 2016

Geared to small and medium online business owners, White Shark Media and their phenomenal team of over 140, use advertisement and marketing strategies to promote your Internet business. Today, White Shark Media has over 600 satisfied customers who are presently benefiting because of the efficient and effective SEO, PPC and Adwords campaigns. The tech geeks on board are familiar with the Web and promoting your business name online.


White Shark Media was founded in 2010 by three Dutch entrepreneurs who were skilled in marketing both in brick and mortar companies as well as Internet businesses. Gary Garth, Andrew Lolk, and Alexander Nygart chose Miami, FL for their physical home, though they soon they would be building success throughout the Web. The secret to their quick advancement is that White Shark Media focuses on their clients and their specific needs.


First-Rate Customer Service and Testimonials


The WSM team is committed to solving problems for their clients in the best way possible. They are dedicated offering the best customer service, and because of this attitude and their knowledge, White Shark has partnered with Google Adwords to produce excellent strategies. Their marketing programs focus on excellent strategies within the lowest budget.


According to Glassdoor.com reviews, many clients have given testimonies on the incredible service they’ve found with White Shark Media. “Since starting with White Shark, my business has continued to grow.” “I will use their services for the life of my online business.” “PPC has increased sales tremendously. Our volume has increased 20 percent for months with the White Shark Media’s program,” and there are hundreds more


WSM creates innovative concepts to promote excellent campaign results, and they respond to client’s requests promptly and investigate their needs thoroughly. For instance, a client had problems getting ahold of their contact person, so WSM leaders instigated a new policy whereby each client was invited to participated in a GoTo Meeting online every month for better communication on their progress.


This benefited the original client as well as the entire client base, and WSM called this a successful transformation. The company is rapidly moving to the top of the marketing companies on the Web.

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Talk To Your Loved Ones Over A Secure Network With Securus October 26, 2016

A few inaccuracies by Global Tel-Link has not stopped them from apologizing to their customers and extending free inmate calling to Louisiana customers for a limited time. Securus Technologies was responsible for finding the inaccuracies says a recent PRN News article and they will be performing an end of the year audit to ensure that they have corrected any mistakes that cost customers time and money. Thousands of people rely on Securus Technologies as an inmate calling regulator, but they are quickly growing as one of the fastest inmate calling providers in the industry. You can talk more and commute to a facility less.


Securus has partnered with Vimeo to bring their customers a high definition video that allows them to talk over the internet. When the courts were looking for a means to reduce the cost of transporting inmates to their hearing they initiated video chatting and it has become very popular among inmates and their families. If you’re on a inmate’s visitors list you can visit them over the internet without ever having to leave home. You have complete control over the video and the volume. Talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility face-to-face and follow their progress.


Securus Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail options allows inmates to appreciate having a personalized service that allows their loved ones or legal counsel to leave them a message. When an inmate gets permission for their phone time they can retrieve their messages.


Advanced Pay


Pay for many features in advance with a valid debit or credit card. This features is available to inmates and their families. They can get the correctional calling minutes they need up front and eliminate the need for operator assistance.


Become a part of the Securus Technologies team today by visiting their secure website.


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What Types of Ventures does Eric Pulier Invest in? October 21, 2016

Eric Pulier wears many hats. He is an entrepreneur and technologist. He’s also a columnist and published author. As an entrepreneur of repute, Eric Pulier has founded more than 15 companies. On top of all that, Eric has made a name for himself in the world of philanthropy after raising millions of dollars for various ventures.

Here are the types of ventures that he supports:

  1. a) Ventures he founded or co-founded

Traditionally, the investments that benefit from Eric Pulier’s related fund-raising skills are those founded or co-founded by him. Over the years, the ventures he has supported include the following:

 US Interactive, which is also known as Enterprise Professional Services

 Media Platform

 Akana

 Desktone

 Digital Evolution

 ServiceMesh

 Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council

  1. b) Charity Organizations

Numerous venture capital funds have also benefited from his investments. A few of these funds include Monitor Ventures, eCompanies, and Trident Capital. Apart from VCs, he also sits on the board of various organizations. He sits on the board of The Painted Turtle and X-Prize Foundation, which runs various competitions for solving challenges that humans face.

The money that Eric invests in startups or donates to non-profit organizations is from his network. He has no problem convincing venture capital groups from different parts of the world to invest in his startups. He also uses this connection to convince the same groups to invest in startups that he helped to establish.

  1. c) Technology and Innovation Startups

Eric has a soft spot for startups that are into technology and innovation. Often, Eric meets with individuals that wish to start new technology and innovation businesses. He helps them turn their ideas into multi-million dollar businesses. His membership in Clinton Global Initiative (which belongs to President Bill Clinton) and Enterprise Leadership Council has helped him a lot.

Nonetheless, he also has his personal financial resources. For example, he recently sold one of the companies he founded for $350 million. Furthermore, he is the proud owner of beautiful, top-of-the-range restaurant located in Santa Monica, CA. He believes that giving back to the community is the secret to a life of joy, peace, and purpose.

There’s no doubt that the Harvard graduate knows how to spot a good investment opportunity.

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George Soros, the philanthropist for good causes October 14, 2016

George Soros is a billionaire investor who has made a huge comeback after his previous failed attempt to unseat the then President George W. Bush in 2004. At that time he made an unprecedented $27 million spending. His failure made him get away from politics for some time. After so many years, he has quietly reemerged as one of the major funders of the Democratic Politics. He has significantly supported Hillary Clinton campaign causes with a massive $8 million in spending.

The 85-year old Hungarian-born billionaire has planned to attend the first-ever Democratic convention in a bid to watch and support Clinton. Soros has a 25-year relationship with Clinton with whom he joyfully accepted the nomination some time back. As an associate of the campaign, he has canceled several trips to other causes. After returning to active trading, he felt the need to monitor the economic state in Europe.

George Soros is commonly known as the Chairman and founder of Open Society. This is a network of partners, foundations, and projects invested in over 100 countries on Biography. He has a big commitment to keeping an open society where the government is highly accountable, people’s rights are respected, and no one has the sole monopoly of truth. Through the Open Society Foundation, he has been able to fund several organizations.

He began his philanthropy work in 1979 where he gave scholarships to black South Africans that were under the apartheid rule. In the later years, he assisted to undermine Communism within the Eastern Bloc through giving Xerox machines on Twitter that copied banned texts. His other campaigns to support society change include promoting cultural exchanges in the West countries.

Just after the fall of Berlin Wall, he created an organization known as the Central European University in a bid to promote critical thinking. He has in the recent past extended his philanthropy work to other nations such as Africa, Asia, and the United States. The Open Society Foundations has been able to support lawyers that have represented thousands of people that were unlawfully held. George’s philanthropic work is geared to making a good of the society.

George Soros early life was spent in the Budapest in Hungary. He was born on August 12, 1930, at the time of the Nazi occupation and invasion. He had to flee Hungary and in the 1940s made his way to England. It was here where he attended the London School of Economics. He later studied works of Karl Popper’s titled The Open Society and Its Enemies. The title explores the philosophy of science and serves as a better critique of the government and society as a whole. This gave Soros an essential early lesson on theatlantic.com. He later developed his ideologies and truths, most of his ideas are seen in his publications.

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Josh Verne’s Entrepreneurs Guide to Success October 11, 2016

According to Josh Verne, men need to be knowledgeable to live better and successful lives. He has always given guides on how they can get out of their comfort zones, succeed in their businesses and live their desired lives. He believes that vision entails seeing what others cannot see. For success, he advises men to be leaders and not bosses. For people to emerge as successful managers, they should be leaders. That demands them to put their juniors first and use the respect they earn to achieved the team’s goals. On the other hand, bosses demand respect and all their actions depend on their interests.

They should get involved in deals that are win – win. Some contracts or situations may be win – lose. Do not take part in them. Always know that the entire team is benefiting from the situation including yourself, your juniors, and the society as a whole. Josh advises people to speak less and listen more literally. The power of authority, respect and attention are hidden in less speaking and more listening tactic.

A successful man is the one that makes progress in all aspects of his life. Money is necessary but always remember family is equally important. Strike a balance between the two and ensure they both grow as you progress in life. Your life should be passion driven. It requires you to identify areas or things that you love doing. Passion enables one to stay focused and look forward to starting another day in his career life. The key to good life is in your passion. When one lacks passion in what they do, they are as good as dead. Only what you love doing will make you rise early to work, work late and as well as skip the fun parties to work.

Josh’s career
Josh Verne is a 38-year old successful entrepreneur. He first ventured into the furniture business. In 2012, he registered a company known as Workpays.me together with Paul Dumas. The company ensures that its borrowers get the desired products without high interests or extortion. Workpays.me has the flexibility of debt payment in installments; hence less weight to its debtors.

Recently he founded FlockU.com, a mobile platform that allows college students to exchange information as well as learn about the realities of life first hand. It is versatile and covers students’ opinions from sports to sex to exams. It aims at empowering students with knowledge beyond the classroom ideas. Entertainment is top notch so as to captivate the targeted audience.

Find more about Josh Verne here:


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The Human Rights Movement Goes Mainstream With Thor Halvorssen October 9, 2016

The Venezuelan human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has recently been discussing his own history and the way he sees the human rights community changing in the future. Halvorssen believes he has made many inroads into the problems facing political prisoners around the world, but feels he has often found problems with other activists because of problems found with his family that is a part of the Norwegian aristocracy and part of the political class in Venezuela.

The issues many have with Thor Halvorssen’s family have been important in his development as an activist as he has seen his own parents become victims of human rights abuses; Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned after completing his task to uncover corruption in law enforcement as the drug czar of Venezuela.

An even more shocking act saw Halvorssen’s mother shot by government officials as she attended a political rally opposed to the Venezuelan government. Thor Halvorssen also points back to his family history of fighting oppression when his grandfather took the Norwegian merchant navy to Venezuela to avoid it falling into the hands of the German Nazi army that occupied Norway during World War II.

Thor Halvorssen has an active life that is dedicated to bringing the best information and options to the people of the world in the 21st century, including the ability of the Venezuelan activist to produce high quality mocvies in Hollywood. Recent reports explain Halvorssen has been working with esteemed writer director Bryan Singer on a science fiction project.

Despite the award-winning success Halvorssen has achieved as a film producer the work he completes as a human rights activist takes up the majority of his time.

Among the work he has completed in the past are Halvorssen’s many interviews with political prisoners around the world, including his interview with a Vietnamese religious leader who has been under house arrest for over a decade; the interview resulted in Thor Halvorssen and his camera operator being beaten by Vietnamese officials when their actions were uncovered.

Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: http://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/potmsearch/detail/submission/6146882

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