Jessica Lange Ends AHS Run March 18, 2015

On Sunday, Jessica Lange confirmed at PaleyFest in Los Angeles that she will not be performing in the fifth edition of the American Horror Story franchise known as American Horror Story: Hotel. Lange explained in an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly that American Horror Story was her first major commitment in a long time, it requires a six-month commitment and she wants some time for herself. Many experts believe that the 65-year-old needs a break given that she was the lead in all four seasons.

Marc Sparks says that fans of American Horror Story do not have to worry about the loss of star power. It was also announced at PaleyFest that Cheyenne Jackson, who is well known for his work on 30 Rock and other series and films, has recently signed on to join the cast of AHS: Hotel alongside of Lady Gaga who committed to the project earlier this year. Wes Bentley and Matt Bomer, who were both in AHS: Freak Show, will also be returning.

Little is known about the 13-episode fifth season. Many previous American Horror Story veteran actors informed the media at PaleyFest that they are interested in returning but they are waiting to hear more from creator Ryan Murphy about available roles. The loss of Lange creates an interesting obstacle for Murphy who designed the anthology series as stories that are both standalone and interconnected in some puzzling fashion with one another.

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Sony Playstation Vue Arriving In 2 Weeks March 17, 2015

Sony Corporation is planning to deploy its long-awaited product transmitting simultaneous video according to a report released by the Wall Street Journal.

The president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, said in an interview with the newspaper that PlayStation Vue will be commercially launched in three US cities in two weeks: New York, Philadelphia and Chicago as a test, before being presented to the rest of the country.

The service can be used in PlayStation consoles, both the third and fourth generation from what Bloomberg had reported.

The video transmission service will allow consumers without traditional cable and satellite subscriptions to watch movies and TV shows.

PlayStation Vue will feature some of the most popular channels in the US (NBC, FOX, Comedy Central, FX, etc.), allowing users to view the live broadcast via streaming or enjoy recorded up to a limit of 28 days programs.

The price of the monthly subscription service is still in question.

Several companies will have direct streaming services. Time Warner Inc said earlier that their HBO broadband will be available on Apple TV in April.

Earlier this year, Dish Network Corp launched its video streaming service, SlingTV.

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The Largest Independent Administrator of Funds in Brazil March 15, 2015

Based out of Sao Paolo, Brazil, BRL Trust has been in operation for ten years as of 2015. Despite its young age, the company has been able to grow quickly. The primary reason for this rapid growth is the company’s focus on transparency, safety, and convenience for the client. These values ensure a worry-free transaction which wins clients and keeps them for years to come. The company works in such areas as fiduciary services, funds administration, funds custody, asset management, and asset underwriting. Although it is based out of Brazil, BRL Trust provides its services to clients worldwide. This is especially true for foreign clients who wish to invest in Brazil. Those who wish to find proof of its upstanding service only need to look into BRL Trust’s past achievements.

The company gained special notoriety for its role in the construction of the Corinthians stadium, which was one of the host stadiums for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The company not only supervised construction, but also provided investment and funds management for the stadium’s construction. The financing totaled to R$450 million, which was put into a real estate fund at BRL’s advising. The country itself could not handle the funds or provide the loans for the events, so the company took the reins. It provided the necessary trusts and guarantees to ensure construction would go unhindered. Under this management, the stadium was ready for its host city of Sao Paolo by the time the World Cup came around.

The work for Sao Paolo’s World Cup stadium is just one example of the professional courtesy that BRL Trust provides to its clients. Its actions speak volumes in proving the company’s ability to follow through with its work and ensure it is done within legal means and constraints. As a result, it’s no wonder that BRL Trust has become the largest independent administrator of funds in Brazil.

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FTC Charges DirecTV With Deceptive Advertising March 13, 2015

The Federal Trade Commission Charged The Largest Satellite Television Service With Promoting Deceptive Advertising Packages

DirecTV didn’t get to be the largest satellite television provider by offering consumers a fair deal when they signed up according to the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC says DirecTV misled consumers when they sold them a 12 month TV package. Consumers were not told that the price would increase by as much as $45 in the second year of the contract. The company also hid the fact that there is a $480 cancellation fee if customers want to cancel the contract before the contract expires.

The FTC wants the satellite company to refund money to customers that were tricked into purchasing service. The feds also want a court order that will permanently ban the company from using this sort of bait and switch sales tactic.

DirecTV customers know the company has some questionable sales practices. Trying to find a TV package with channels that are meaningful is a challenge even when customers know the channels they always watch. Jason Halpern knows that the company throws in so many non-interesting channels in their TV packages it is hard to distinguish one package from another.

The other sales tactic that the FTC wants to stop is the special HBO and Showtime “free for three months” package. Customers don’t realize that once they agree they must call the company to cancel after that free period.

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Trickster Returns to The Flash March 11, 2015

Some fans of the original series The Flash that aired from 1990 to 1991 might have forgotten that Mark Hamill, beyond the Star Wars universe, has also been part of a DC Comics TV universe. In The Flash, in which John Wesley Shipp who currently plays Barry Allen’s father originally played the title role, Hamill played the villain known as the “Trickster.”

In keeping with the return of actors from the previous series, The CW has brought Hamill back to the fold and, even better, returned him to his previous role as the Trickster in an upcoming episode of The Flash.

Little is known about the part except that Hamill will not be playing a new version of the Trickster but instead the same character who has aged 20 years and has planned a whole new “perfect” trick after having been imprisoned when last seen on screen along with his sidekick The Prank in a highly restricted prison cell. Hamill’s Trickster will also be somehow involved with a new Trickster known as Devon Graye.

Starting on March 17, The Flash will also present viewers with a lineup of other new and old villains including the return of Captain Cold and his partner Heat Wave, along with Cold’s sister who will be known as the Golden Glider. Fans like those at Anastasia Date (Youtube) will also get a chance to learn about a new villain who Cisco names the Weather Wizard.

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Traveling Has Never Been Easier, Than Using Skout March 8, 2015

Skout is a social media network, which has been around for years. Many people like to use the network, in order to forge friendships, relationships, or just for social purposes. Many have joined the Skout network, and in fact, there are over 100 million users on the network so far. Skout is available in over 180 countries, and there are 14 different languages available on the network. The network is available to anyone who has access to a computer, a mobile device, or a cell phone. Many people choose to use Skout, as a way to meet other people from around the world.

It’s possible to meet people in the local area, where a person lives, or in another country. Many have used Skout as a way to meet others from the other side of the world, and they are surprised how easy it is to meet others. The Skout network only takes minutes to sign up for, and anyone can join in. Many people who are joining Skout, choose to purchase Skout points, which is very helpful when they want to send mass greetings, virtual messages, check a favorites list, and access other features the Skout network has to offer. More information on that can be found here at the link provided.

Skout is a massive online social media network, and many find themselves using the network every single day. The network can be used at a PC, or through any mobile device. There is an application that can be accessed through a mobile device, making it easier to take one’s information with them, if they use a mobile device. Once a person signs up for an account, they can choose to add a picture to their profile, or they can go without a picture. It’s easier to get to meet others, if a picture is added to one’s profile.

Once a profile is created, one can go in and do a particular search, for any type of persons are looking for. If they instead want to talk to anyone in general, they can do so, by using the “shake to chat” feature. The shake to chat feature is available, for anyone who has a mobile device, and it is fun for many people to use. Those who use the feature, can simply shake their phone, in order to allow a person to appear on their screen. It’s easy to meet many people from different parts of the world, using the shake to chat feature.


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EA Shutting Down Maxis Emeryville March 5, 2015

EA is reportedly shutting down Maxis Emeryville, the gaming studio responsible for creating such hit games as The Sms. The news was broken on Twitter by EA Designer Guillaume Pierre. Pierre noted that it was a fun 12 years for the company, but it was time to shut it down.

The studio has faced a number of challenges over the past several years. Paul Mathieson said that notably, the launch of SimCity in 2013, one of the companies flagship games as reported by CNN. That game, which was meant to be played online, faced a number of server-related issues that made gameplay nearly impossible. The botched release caused a lot of backlash for the studio from fans.

The launch of SimCity was followed several months later by the launch of The Sims 4 by the studio. That release didn’t have quite as many technical issues, however, sales were not as high as the company hoped or expected.

In a statement about the closure, EA remarked that closing the studio doesn’t have any impact on the company’s commitment to the games or its players. EA plans to still continue Maxis products in its Melbourne, Helsinki, salt Lake City, and Redwood Shores studios.

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Tom Rothman Is New Chairman At Sony

The Sony hacking scandal has caused a lot of reorganizing and chaos at the company, but with the hiring of Tom Rothman as Amy Pascal’s replacement, things should be settling down soon. The new chairman of Sony’s Motion Picture Group is not new to the company nor to the industry. Since 2013, he has been running TriStar Productions at Sony, and his previous experience is even more impressive. Rothman spent in excess of a decade with Fox Filmed Entertainment, overseeing such releases as “Titanic” and “Avatar”. He is a man well known for his passion for the genre, even hosting classic movie screenings on the Fox Movie Channel.

Michael Lynton remains chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and will be around as Sony has also recently announced the extension of his contract. Lynton will be the official to whom Rothman will report and said in a recent statement “Tom’s creativity, strong talent relationships, and track record of enduring films and commercial success are unparalleled in this industry and exactly what we are looking for to grow our film business.” It doesn’t seem an exaggeration when one looks at Rothman’s tenure at Fox achieving around 150 Academy Award nominations and $40 billion in worldwide box office. This is also the man who founded Fox Searchlight, the organization that brought us “12 Years a Slave”, “Black Swan”, “Whip It”, and “Little Miss Sunshine” alongside a host of other acclaimed movies.

His predecessor will be launching a new venture with Sony, where she will produce the studio’s “Spider-Man” movies in addition to other ventures.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich uses his plastic surgery experience to teach others March 4, 2015

Dr. Rod Rohrich has worked at a number of respected hospitals and teaching establishments in a bid to become one of the World’s top plastic surgeons, something he has achieved and been recognized for as a former President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The vast amount of the research, academic writings and educational opportunities Dr Rod Rohrich has headed up have been completed since he arrived at UT Southwestern Medical Center in 1986. In 1991, Dr Rod Rohrich become the leader of the Plastic Surgery Department at UT Southwestern and began to develop a series of techniques and new approaches that have made him a respected figure throughout the World in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

In the many roles Dr Rod Rohrich has taken in voluntary positions and those that Dr Rod Rohrich has completed at UT Southwestern, the surgeon has created a vast catalog of high quality work that is used by organizations around the World to teach surgeons the best and latest techniques. Dr Rod Rohrich has been a strong supporter of the phasing out of dedicated procedures that are used without alterations to suit the needs of the individual patient, his work in the field of rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation takes a unique approach to each case he is faced with. In these areas, alongside the surgical techniques pioneered by Rohrich in breast augmentation the surgeon is a World leader whose techniques and practices stand as a guiding light for Surgeons everywhere.

Dr. Rod Rohrich now splits his time between the operating table and the many teaching opportunities Dr Rod Rohrich is given in different areas of the World. The Dallas, Texas resident has given over 100 lectures and seminars in different parts of the World and has become one of the most sought after speakers amongst plastic surgeons on the planet. During his time as a teacher, Rohrich has also delivered over 900 presentations to various groups on the techniques he uses in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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The White Stripes to Release ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ on Vinyl

Jack White and Meg White may no longer perform together as The White Stripes, but the band still has a loyal following. Jack, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the band’s album ‘Get Behind Me Satan,’ will release the first vinyl press of the album through his Third Man Records label in Nashville.

According to reports, ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ will be released as a two-album set. One album will be done in red vinyl while the other will be white. The White Stripes were known for their red-white-black color scheme preference. Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG has read that a new cover will also adorn the release. The vinyl album cover will feature the original cover which will transition to two stand-in models.

The red and white album set will be available in limited release. The set will be available at Third Man Records and other Records Store Day retailers. ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ will be made available in larger numbers in black vinyl later this year.

The White Stripes, a Detroit-based rock duo, rose to prominence with hit songs such as “Seven Nation Army” and “The Hardest Button to Button.” The duo’s origins were originally shrouded in secrecy, as the then-married Jack and Meg presented themselves as siblings in the public eye. The pair had hoped that the facade would force fans to focus more on the “permanency” of siblings rather than their romantic relationship.

The two later divorced, but continued to perform together for years.

The White Stripes announced the group disbanded in 2011.

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