Successes Registered By Women Such As Susan McGalla July 22, 2016

In the recent years, women have been taking up leadership positions in various companies. Despite their success, some women have not been enlightened on the practical measures for making them successful. With the presence of government and non-governmental organizations, the challenges of unequal pay, fewer women on the boardrooms and inequality have been resolved.

However, some women have managed to take up different challenges and shown effective leadership skills. Around the globe at, women are known to have a superb admixture of personality that provides them with the energy to undertake many roles and deliver on their mandate. Besides succeeding in their corporate undertakings, women are also starting their own ventures.

Today, powerful women are on the rise. In the past, very few women were found in the boardrooms. However, today the scenario has changed as more and more women are taking up leadership roles in leading corporations of the world. Women like Susan McGalla are now coming to the fore with the objective of making the world know about their abilities. Many women regard Susan as a role model. She is willing to assist different women reach the peak of their careers. Women like Susan radiate innate skills that are crucial for the management positions that they hold. Moreover, women are excellent at networking, which is an imperative element in any business environment.

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Susan McGalla has registered impressive successes as a businesswoman. McGalla is well aware of the meaning of climbing the corporate ladder and staying put in her position. In order to register successful results in her life, Susan has always worked hard, believed in her versatility, shown confidence and exhibited passion for her work. She believes that people should seek to identify their abilities in addition to their powerful traits that will catapult them to being extraordinary. In her formative years, Susan McGalla was aware that she was destined for greatness. This way, she started to work on bringing out the invaluable commodity that she was carrying in her chest.

Susan is the proprietor of P3 Executive Consulting. Previously, Susan McGalla was the president of American Eagle Outfitters. Her achievements, hard work and work ethics saw her become the company’s chief merchandising officer. Between 1986 and 1994, Susan worked at Joseph Horne Company. She also served as a private consultant for various retail industries and financial investments. At the Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan McGalla is the director of strategic planning and growth. She is well versed in matters of branding, product merchandising, talent management and marketing.

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Dealing with Friendship Breakups as Told by Wengie July 21, 2016

Very few people can say that they have had the same friends throughout their entire lives, but those who can are incredibly fortunate. Friendships often end as quickly as they start, and a multitude of reasons exist as to why: People change, they invest their time differently, or you simply decide to no longer be companions. Regardless of the reason for no longer being the cronies you once were, Wengie released a vlog discussing typical feelings, the reason for friendship breakups, and what is totally acceptable to experience during this time.

Not Everyone Fights to End a Friendship

Often times, people grow apart. Two friends can go from hanging out every day and chatting on the phone in between to acting as if they never knew each other–often for no particular reason. While the blogger decided to not necessarily call this a loss, she did describe that it is perfectly natural and to be expected throughout the course of your life.

Accept the Change and Make New Friends

While it may be a bit strange to no longer relate to this person initially, it is an opportunity to meet new friends who share your current interests or who partake in the same hobbies as you. The loss of a friend often allows new people to enter your life who prove why they are worthy enough to be there.

It Is Okay Not to Feel Sad

As the beauty guru said, “Sometimes you are forced into a friendship; you go to the same high school or belonged to the same clubs, so you bonded over that and became friends. When it ends, though, you no longer share that bond.” Surely a spot on example, Wengie put what millions of people feel in an easy to understand explanation, and stated that it is more than okay to not feel any profound emotions when this occurs. The friendship did not necessarily end and you have great memories to hold on to, and it is important to recognize those as blessings rather than sorrows.


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Free Adwords Evaluation From Advertising Experts July 13, 2016

When you’re selling product or services online, a crucial factor in your success is being found by potential customers. It is extremely important to know how to advertise effectively in order to drive traffic to your website.  Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

One way to generate targeted traffic quickly to your offers is Adwords PPC. This great advertising medium has been around for many years and is used by both individuals and companies to generate traffic to their products and services. It works so well that smart advertisers seek the services of Adwords experts to boost their return on investment.

Google’s AdWords platform allows advertisers to pick keywords that are relevant to their company or product and bid on them. When you bid on a keyword, your ad will appear prominently in Google’s search results page, with a link to your website. AdWords can be a very powerful way to get your ad in front of your target audience. But you need to know how to properly use this advertising platform, otherwise your ad campaign will not produce the desired outcome.

There are many benefits to using the services of Adwords specialists in setting up your campaigns. These advertising consultants have the right training and experience in choosing appropriate keywords, creating attention-grabbing titles and product descriptions, setting up Adwords account correctly, and how to determine the best strategies for maximizing the ROI.  Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

White Shark Media Review offers Free Adwords evaluation to help marketers and advertisers learn how to set up and manage their Adwords ad campaigns. They will show you, step by step, the proper way to get everything set up and start generating the kind of results you need for success.

Once you master this skill, you can then handle your own ad campaigns or you hire them for your campaign management. Many advertisers, including small business owners and large companies , rely on the expert services of White Shark Media to achieve great results and build their business.

White Shark Media is also known for resolving customer complaints effectively. When a customer or client complains about any aspect of the service they received, the staff at White Shark Media respond promptly to address the matter, and ensure customer satisfaction.

White Shark Media is a highly reputable advertising firm and comes highly recommended in the industry. Check out White Shark Media today and start building a profitable business.

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Investment Banking for Your Professional Needs July 7, 2016

Investing has always been a task that people avoid because they are afraid they are going to lose a lot of money in the process. Fortunately, you can easily hire a company known as Madison Street Capital who will be able to help you to any and all of the investing to get your finances back on track. Once you begin working with a professional company like this when it comes to your investing you will never want to go back to anything again when it involve doing the investing all by yourself. The most important thing to remember is that Madison Street Capital is a company you can trust and that is easy to work with each and every day.

The first step to hiring Madison Street Capital is too obviously contact their offices and see if they will be able to take you on as a client. Once they are able to work with you, they will take apart your finances and see which investment option is the best choice for you. This takes the guesswork out of knowing how much you are going to get back in return once you begin to do the investing that you have been wanting to get accomplished for many years now but we’re too afraid to do on your own.

Madison Street Capital has thousands upon thousands of clients with whom they were each and every day. One of the greatest things about Madison Street Capital is that they also work with both individuals and businesses alike, so you can feel confident that they are going to give you the best options available in terms of Investments. Madison Street Capital is able to work with you on a budget no matter how much or how little you are able to afford. This is ideal for people who just want to invest a small amount of money to see if they will be able to get anything back in return.

Madison Street Capital is one of the best investment firms that you could possibly hire for this particular need. This is also why so many people are choosing to hire this company as well as their professionals to get their own investment needs taken care of without having to do it all by themselves. It’s a great time to consider investing your money in a fund where you know you will be getting some back in return and be making a wise financial decision.

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The Search Fixers can heal your online reputation July 6, 2016


Negative reviews or bad comments from a customer can cause a company’s online reputation to be damaged. This damage could lead to less customers and even a bad company image. According to reports about 68% of customers trust the reviews that are written online by other customers. Do not allow negative comments or reviews damage your reputation and profits listed below are the reason that you should not dismiss the need for online reputation management.

First, it has been published that negative reviews can lead to a reputation that is five times worse than terrible comments that is spread among peers. So therefore ignoring them is not an option. Negative comments about your company can spread worse than wild fires with no control. Before you know it the positive reputation that you once had can be replaced by a negative one and you’re left needing to fix bad reviews.

Next, it is important to handle bad reviews and comments because they can ruin your brand. Since about 68% of customers trust reviews, then this can cause the majority of your current and potential customers to view your customers negatively.

One of the main reasons that you should pay attention to actions that could damage your company’s online reputation is because of the competition. The competition can use your negative online reputation in order to gain your current and potential customers. These companies can capitalize on negative comments and reviews by stating to your customers that they offer a better service or product.

A bad online reputation should be dealt with in a timely manner because it could have a global impact. If you are a small company that wants to expand it’s reach then a negative reputation could limit this expansion or prevent it from occurring all together. Expanding a company requires resources and money with limited customers due to a bad reputation, a company could have a

Some businesses and companies may be too busy to track or repair a reputation. And for the companies that have the resources that have the resources to stay abreast on such a topic, they may not have the knowledge to make a negative reputation better. For these particular companies can help. is a website that can help turn the bad reputation of a company or business around. This reputation management consultants at are highly skilled in online reputation management. These individuals help to fix bad search results that could deter current or potential customers from purchasing a service or product from you.


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How Does Beneful Make Shopping For Dog Food Easy? July 1, 2016

I have been trying to find dog foods that all my dogs will love, and the shopping has gotten a lot easier because I am working with Beneful to find the things that I need. They have a lot of flavors, and there is something that works for each of my dogs. We all start with the dry food, and it comes in a lot of flavors starting with beef and chicken. We make it simple by sticking with those two flavors, and we have those flavors in some other products, too.

We have been using the wet food that comes in its own dish as a treat, and the treat is a lot easier to serve to the dogs. They love it because of the way that it is put together, and they will keep eating it because they think it is a wonderful treat. They will eat it on the weekends, and it is something that I think a lot of people do not consider. I am using the wet food just because it is so easy to service, and I am going to keep using it just because it helps the dogs come down for their treat.

There is also a dental ridge treat that anyone can give to their dogs to help clean their teeth. We do not have to worry about the teeth cleaning so much just because of the ridge treats, and they come in all the same flavors that all the other foods come in. There are also regular treats that are great for dogs who just need an enticement to be good boys and girls. The best part of this is that I have been able to change the diet of my dogs to something better without even trying.

They all love Beneful, and I am so glad that they have so much of these products for me to choose from. I have had a wonderful time shopping for these foods, and it is fun to change them up to help the dogs get the nutrition they need. Everyone should be trying Beneful in their house today. Visit today.

Did you know? Beneful has a YouTube Channel! They are also active on Facebook:

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Marie Claire Gets the Scoop on Fabletics June 21, 2016

Kate Hudson was just interviewed by Marie Claire for her new take on the athleisure trend. Kate Hudson is getting ahead of the pack on the athleisure style through her designs with Fabletics. She has been the face of the fast-growing brand ever since it was founded in 2013. In her latest interview with Marie Claire, Hudson chats about the launch of dresses and bathing suits by Fabletics, which she thinks will take the company to a whole new level in the fashion world.

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Hudson was asked all about her perspective on how to rock more comfortable fashion choices outside of the traditional gym or yoga studio setting. With a few fashion hacks, like not pairing two baggy pieces of clothing together, Hudson encourages women to embrace the comfort of athletic clothing in all different settings. She said she could see herself throwing on the new dresses from Fabletics to stroll around town or run some quick errands. While all of the choices may not be appropriate for a gala, the Fabletics everyday outfits do make gym wear more stylish. The dresses hit the shelves in April of this year and have been in hot demand ever since. Women love that they do not have to wear a bra with some of the Fabletics dresses because a comfortable sports bra is built right in.

Along with dresses and bathing suits, Fabletics offers an incredible range of athletic clothing to help women transfer from the gym to regular activities. Fabletics uses a broad spectrum of colors and patterns, so there are plenty of interesting options to mix and match. The Fabletics inventory is constantly updated because of the company’s unique subscription model, which offers amazing discounts to regular customers.

If you are considering trying out Fabletics on, the biggest bang for your buck is definitely through the online monthly subscription. You pay only $49.95 each month for a complete outfit and shipping. You are always able to exchange an outfit that does not work for you or try out another size. Fabletics has such a big customer base partly because of the deep discounts it is able to offer customers through this subscription service. The prices simply cannot be beat, and customers do not have to compromise on quality to take advantage of them. With awesome discounts and super trendy styles, it is easy to see why Fabletics has become such a hit.

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Cambridge Bestows Highest Service Award to Brian Bonar June 17, 2016

One of the most notable past recipients of the annual, Who’s Who Executive of the Year award in Finance is the highly decorated Brian Bonar. According to a news article published by PRNewswire in 2010, the award honors two outstanding male and female members in each of the competing disciplines.

These special honorees are chosen based on merits such as academic achievements, professional accomplishments and leadership abilities. Majority of the strong Cambridge Who’s who members reside in the English speaking countries of the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Brian Bonar is best known as the Chairman and CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. Read more: TREP Brian Bonar Insider Trades for Trucept Inc.

Dalrada acts as a marketing liaison for employee targeted programs whose aim is to speed business efficiency. The company’s product portfolio includes; risk management insurance, business management and promotion and financial management services. Bonar’s professional management experience in the financial sector spans over 30 years. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

For over a decade, he has been at the helm of Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he oversees an array of employee and employer benefits and aftermarket products. Bonar also holds top designations in several companies; he is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service, Inc and Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc.

Brief About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a highly experienced financial services expert and seasoned entrepreneur. His areas of specialty include in finance include; mergers and acquisition, employee relations, venture capital, sales, private equity and sales. Bonar is the current Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept.

Before his latest engagements, he served as executive in a number of companies, including; Solvis Group, AMS Outsourcing, Allegiant Professional Business Services and IBM. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar worked at IBM in Europe, USA and Asia for 18 years and was in charge of outsourcing motherboards for IBM personal computers.

He founded a PEO firm called AMS Outsourcing in 2007. The firm is involved in transportation sector and has a global presence stretching all the way to the Czech Republic and Mexico.

Brian Bonar served as the President and later the Principal Financial Officer at Allegiant Professional Business Services, from March 2008 to December 2010. He was specifically placed in charge of marketing, sales and insurance products. Bonar is highly educated and connected around the world.

According to Bush League Times, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University, a Masters in Business Administration and PhD in International Business from Stafford University in the UK. He is professionally affiliated with the American Financial Association (AFA) and holds an honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick in the UK. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Brian is also a prolific restaurateur and a philanthropist. He is the entrepreneur behind the successful Bellamy Bistro in San Diego.

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Bustle Blogger Reaches For WEN to Transform Flat Frizzy Hair June 16, 2016

Like many of us, Emily McClure was cursed with fine, frizzy, do nothing locks, and she was sick of it. She wanted Hollywood hair like she saw on the TV WEN infomercials, intrigued by the no-shampoo hair method. So, the Bustle beauty blogger chose to try the WEN system in a 7-day hair challenge to see if bouncy, big hair were in her future.
Popular LA stylist Chaz Dean had created the incredible WEN hair care program that is suited for every type of hair on the planet. His gentle and effective botanical sephora sold formulas are so different from store bought shampoos and conditioners. His WEN brand is made without the harsh detergents present in regular shampoo products. WEN uses cleansing conditioners that deliver strength and shine back to hair, no matter what age you are.

Emily McClure decided to begin a daily AM Wen wash in the shower. She read the directions and chose to use much less product on her medium length locks than the directions called for. WEN advises using a lot of product, because the formula is different from a lather shampoo. In fact, the more product used, the better the results.

Still, Emily McClure loved how her hair behaved on WEN when she blow-dried and styled. Close friends noticed the new shine and manageability right away. Emily kept hair selfies of all 7-days, and when she stuck to a hair care routine, the facebook selfies showed off glamorous tresses.

Emily McClure admits she can be lazy when it comes to her hair, so a few times she messed up her schedule, using the product at night or skipping the WEN wash altogether. During those moments, her hair fell flat and greasy.

Emily McClure says WEN delivers best results when you adhere to a hair routine.

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George Soros Ukraine June 11, 2016

The new Ukraine needs the support of its allies, and it needs it now if it´s going to survive Russia´s advances, which is vital for the European Union (E.U.) according to George Soros, founder, and chairman of Open Society and Soros Fund Management -a New York firm that manages hedge funds-; since Ukraine represents in his opinion the most valuable asset that Europe has.

Losing Ukraine would cause an irreparable harm to the E.U, stated George Soros Ukraine in an article for the New York Review Books, where he concluded that if Europe doesn’t take action, the consequences could be the creation of a failed state with more than 40 million people who would have to become refugees.

But as the business magnate has pointed out, by helping Ukraine, the E.U. would be able to save itself, if they are open to doing “whatever it takes” in order to help the new Ukraine not survive, but flourish. Doing so the European Union would attain two objectives 1) protect itself from Putin’s Russia and 2) recapture the spirit of cooperation and solidarity.

That being said while the once uncertain Chancellor Merkel has already revived that spirit in regards asylum seekers and the United States has already committed itself more firmly to Ukraine; the risk of this situation between Ukraine and Russia being relegated for more “pending” issues like the immigration one is still latent, event though the only reason why things escalated to this point was because the European state was unable to realize at the time how pressing the matter was and decided to direct all of its attention to the Greek crisis.

Read more:
Save the New Ukraine

George Soros – Project Syndicate

In a scene where the crisis of the euro has made the nations allied to the E.U and it´s people question whether this system is still sustainable, Ukraine´s willingness to be part of the state, could lead to -with the E.U. substantial assistance- to a restoration in the faith of said model, by presenting a stable and prosperous nation as proof of the system working.

As a Hungarian-American citizen with experience in both politics and finances, as well intimate knowledge of the new Ukraine; George Soros can be certainly considered an expert in the subject and therefore his strategies and declarations should be explored and analyzed.

When analyzing the magnate´s strategy on how to help Ukraine and how convenient it would be to help the E.U. solve its issues, then what jumps to the forefront is Soros’ notion that while internal crises tend to divide, external ones like Russia´s aggression against Ukraine should be able to unite the European Union.

Therefore, there´s more than a small possibility that Soros claims to how of a threat for both the E.U. as well as North America. President Putin’s representations are being really overlooked. There are sanctions taken against Russia as well that isn’t enough, which is why saving the new Ukraine might actually be key on a larger scale for the European political landscape.

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