The Biggest Beer Brands In the U.S. Are Bud Light And Budweiser According To Brazilian Entrepreneur Ricardo Guimarães February 13, 2016

Budweiser and Bud Light continue to lose market share in the United States. Beer consumption in the United States has declined the last seven years because the millennial generation is more health conscious. Millennials are trying to drink less alcohol. But there has been a change in the consumer market in the last two years. Lower energy costs have given consumers more money to spend, and when there’s more money available, consumers buy more alcohol.

According to Anheuser-Bush, the beer industry declined 0.6% in 2014, after a 1.8% decline in 2013. In 2015, l beer sales for AB were still weak. Anheuser-Bush’s top beer brand sales to distributors and retailers continue to drop as the demand for independent craft beer increases. According to Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Guimarães, beer sales in Brazil are still strong although Anheuser-Bush market share position in that country is weak. Brazilians love their domestic beer and replacing their favorite brand is not going to happen anytime soon, according to Mr. Guimarães.

Anheuser-Bush recently introduced a distributor incentive plan in the United States that could put more than $200,000 on a distributor’s bottom line. AB is willing to reimburse distributors half of their display and marketing costs if they promote AB InBev craft beer brands. Mr. Guimarães is a soccer fan and a beer drinker/investor, and he thinks the AB InBev plan will hurt American consumers. He bases his opinion on the Brazilian market. For years, the Brazilian government did not allow foreign beer in the market because the government owned a piece of the top brewery in Brazil.

When distributors only push beer from one brewery, consumers suffer and the small breweries are faced with bankruptcy. Guimarães is the president of the BMG Bank and the bank is the biggest sponsor of soccer clubs in Brazil. Soccer fans drink a lot of domestic beer and he thinks the AB InBev incentive plan will hurt sports fans that want their favorite beer at different sports events. The incentive plan will restrict consumer choices. The Department of Justice knows about the AB incentive plan. The DOJ may agree with Guimarães once they complete their investigation.

The beer market, like all the other markets in the United States, is going through a metamorphosis as a new generation takes over as the target consumer market. Old brands like Bud, Bud Light, Miller and Miller Lite don’t appeal to young beer drinkers and Anheuser-Bush is trying to protect their bottom line with the new incentive plan. But in spite of plans, the new generation of American consumers will decide want they want to drink. Young beer drinkers will find their favorite brew in spite of incentive plans. Beer drinkers have always made sure their brand is available at retail because that’s what beer drinkers do.

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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Believes In A Lean Bank Structure February 5, 2016

In 1998, Ricardo Guimarães became president of his family-owned bank, the BMG Bank. The BMG Bank wasn’t always called BMG. When mining tycoon Antonio Guimarães opened the bank in 1930, he named the bank the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais. Antonio made a fortune in the mining, cattle and commodity businesses. Antonio decided to start a bank that catered to the mining industry.

By the time Ricardo took control of the bank in 1998, the Land Credit Bank had expanded. The bank acquired two other banks, and Antonio established a reputation for being a low-interest lender. Ricardo’s father, Flavio, took over for his dad while Ricardo was in school, and Flavio renamed the bank the Bank of Minas Gerais, At some point, the name of the bank shortened to the BMG Bank. wrote an article about the Guimarães family, and in that article, the lean banking structure of BMG Bank was emphasized. Working with a small staff that had input in banking decisions was the key ingredient for making low-interest loans with a very low default rate. Ricardo continued that tradition when he decided to advertise his payroll loan product during soccer matches. That decision was genius. A couple of Brazilian banks advertised during soccer matches, but none of those banks sponsored soccer clubs, and that was the difference that made BMG Bank the go-to bank for soccer fans.

Ricardo had a soccer background before he was a banker. Like most Brazilian boys, he grew up playing soccer on dirt fields. His love of the game never left him, and when he had the opportunity to become president of the local Minas Gerais soccer club, he accepted the position without regret. Ricardo stayed in that position for five years. He learned a lot about the internal structure of the soccer association in Brazil. Today, BMG Bank is the largest football sponsor in the country because of the Ricardo’s understanding of the sport.

An article in talks about BMG Bank’s first club sponsorship. That club, The Atletico MG Club, was the club Ricardo presided over for five years. The players on that club wore the orange BMG logo on game days, and bank employees worn soccer jerseys with the bank logo on the days before a match. The logo was so popular that BMG Bank had to hire more than 700 agents around the country to handle the response for payroll loans.

Today, BMG Bank sponsors eight soccer clubs, and the bank also sponsors tennis and volleyball players. Ricardo Guimarães turned BMG Bank into a banking phenomenon in Brazil, and he did it by loving and supporting the game of soccer.

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Difficulties in Repeating George Soros and Warren Buffett’s Success in Hedge Funds January 29, 2016

George Soros had an impressive record on Marketwatch of accomplishment on investment. However, in 2010, he left the hedge-fund arena by making it a family office. This decision was made by a series of outcomes. In the year 2010, his funds reported their worst performance. Things are not different to Warren Buffett given that in the last 15 years, the annual returns of Berkshire Hathaway’s average had shrunk by 7.89%.
It is imperative to note that in 30 years, the average annual return of both Soros and Buffett’s funds stood at 30%. These figures have been dropping since 2008. Other hedge fund managers like Kyle Bass and John Paulson have been struggling since 2008. The steady double-digit returns have made it difficult for the investors to dominate financial markets in the manner that Buffett and Soros did between 1960’s to the year 2000. An argument about why .400 hitters in baseball disappeared has been provided. The argument is that the quality of the game has improved making it difficult for outlier performances to be registered. Positioning of players, use of bigger gloves, as well as the incorporation of relief pitchers, nutrition and weight lifting have served to enhance the quality of the game.
It must be noted that new generation hedge fund managers were inspired by the success of Buffett and Soros. This way, these new managers have converted their insights into algorithms that account for more than half of trading at the U.S. stock market. Most young investors are now using technology and research to comprehend market pricing inefficiencies. In addition, some learned individuals having PhDs have been spending much time in the global financial market to comprehend about different market trends and behavior. This way, the competition in the market has made it difficult for the investors to match the success registered by Soros and Buffett in hedge fund back in the 60s, 70’s and 80’s.
Paul Tudor Jones registered five consecutive 100%+ annual returns. However, in the recent years, he has been recording single-digit returns. It is quite difficult for people to replicate Soros and Buffett’s successes. Nevertheless, this does not statistically rule out any hedge fund manager from making another .400 hitter in baseball though it would be a consummate rarity. This information was originally mentioned on Market watch as highlighted in the following link
Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations are affiliated to George Soros. He is the chair and founder of these institutions. Soros was born in 1930. Soros managed to survive Nazi occupation in the World War II era. He fled Hungary, which was dominated by communists, for England. For his undergraduate degree, Soros enrolled at the prestigious London School of Economics. Later, he settled in the United States. Here, he accumulated a fortune from his international investment fund. Soros’ philanthropy activities started in 1979 when he started to provide funds, during the apartheid era, to assist black students realize their university education by attending Cape Town University. The Open Society Foundations is founded on the values of human rights, transparency and open society. It has operations in over 100 countries around the globe. Soros is a successful author with many publications on topics regarding the society, politics and economics. This information was reported on as explained in the link below

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YouTube: Overtaking Television. January 20, 2016

When YouTube started back in 2005, many people were uploading videos of themselves, their pets or just anything random in fact. Gaining an audience was very easy because today that’s all kids are into! If you’re not watching the current hit TV show, you are definitely watching one of your favorite YouTuber. Growing at such a fast pace over the last few years, YouTube has surely become an international place for people to come and watch some really crazy, exciting videos or simply their own YouTuber they adore. Some famous YouTubers are: PewDiePie, TheFineBros, Ryan Higa, Jenna Marbles, Miranda Sings, Superwoman, Smosh, Zoella, Bethany Mota, FouseyTube, Roman Atwood and the list can go on and on for days!

Wendy Huang, best known as ‘The Wonderful World of Wengie,’ ‘wengieofficial,’ and ‘LifeOfWengie’, is an Australian-Chinese YouTuber/Blogger. She is a famous beauty blogger who creates lots of tutorials, reviews and trends on her website. Starting off her own site with little knowledge on blogging, she worked her way up just like any other person. Becoming obsessed with everything beauty at just a young age, she taught herself about the world of makeup and fashion. Ever since starting YouTube, she has kept herself grounded and gets her inspiration from everyday things and, even has her own YouTubers she looks up to. Park Sora and StyleNanda are her beauty gurus on all things Korean fashion/makeup but, she truly is a fan of Batalash.

Growing up in Sydney, Australia and being from a Chinese background, Wengie truly brings it all to her YouTube channel. Giving everyone tutorials from both places are truly remarkable because they are so unique and diverse in styles. She was featured in many magazines like, Cosmopolitan, Cleo and Dolly. Also, she has worked with many brands as: Elizabeth Arden, Bonds, Target, Colgate and etc. Being the 36th most subscribed channel in Australia is so outstanding.

At such a young age, Wengie has outdone herself and excelled in expectations that are beyond anyone. She had a dream, took it and made it into something that she can make a job out of. YouTube has only grown in viewers, subscribers and video uploads per day and that is just incredible. Forget TV, YouTube has definitely become the new best thing that everyone is having a share of. Enjoy watching some do it yourself videos, a vlog of someones adventures or just enjoy the millions of videos YouTube has to offer.

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Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park’s survival story has captivated thousands of readers with her powerful story of defecting from North Korea, the horrors of human trafficking and the need to bring freedom to all people of the world. In an interview on Reason TV, Yeonmi Park says she never heard of the word “Freedom”. The happiest thing she ever knew then was having food.

In her book,”In Order To Live’ Park recounts her terrible life in North Korea and her eventual harrowing escape through China’s underworld of smugglers and human traffickers. It all began when she was thirteen years old, when her father was arrested for trading in the black market, and she and her mother decided to flee. Finally after many years, Yeonmi was able to persuade her captor to get her family back together, which he finally fulfilled. He finally was able to rejoin the family but not long after that, he died of colon cancer. Yeonmi and her mother crossed the Gobi Desert and followed the North Star hoping they would get refugee status in Mongolia and eventually in 2009 became South Korean citizens.

She believed the dictator had complete control over her childhood that he could read her mind of any bad thoughts and feared he would punish her. She says her country is a heavily censored society and was even led to believe that the birds and mice could hear you whisper. North Korean women were lured that they could find jobs in China and were smuggled across the river, only to find to their horror, that they were sold to a network of Chinese human traffickers who raped and exploited them.

Park is determined to raise awareness of the plight of her country’s people and that the world must never forget the North Korean people who are suffering and dying every day. She has become a human rights activist and has been very active on YouTube calling attention to the atrocities of the North Korean Government on NK News. Park believes that as long as advocacy for human rights continues, change might one day come to North Korea.

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Banco BMG’s Ricardo Annes Guimaraes Honored for His Leadership in Finance and Sports. January 18, 2016

Brazil’s biggest entrepreneur and Banco BMG’s chairman, Ricardo Annes Guimaraes continues to receive many accolades due to his exemplary performance in Brazil’s financial sector. On April 18th, he received a diploma of merit from the City Council of Horizonte, at Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno’s request. The House’s Speaker, Mr. Leo Bourgeois opened the occasion before he transferred the meeting’s presidency to his colleague.


After the meeting had been opened, Mr. Daniel Nepomuceno was the first to thank Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes by saying that it was an honor to him (Mr.Ricardo) to be one of Brazil’s biggest entrepreneurs who invests heavily in his country. Mr. Guimaraes has continued to invest not only in the financial sector but also in the country’s sports. In the ceremony, he was being thanked for helping and supporting many Brazilian sportsmen and sportswomen to help elevate their careers.


According to Mr. Bourgeois, Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes received the Legislative Merit’s Grand Collar award, and the House Speaker declared his satisfaction to reopen his houses’ doors again to honor Mr. Ricardo on a personal basis. The Member of Parliament also went ahead to stress the tremendous work that was done for the sport’s sake mentioning Mr. Ricardo as one of the main contributors.


The representative of the State, Mr. Fred Costa emphasized Mr. Guimaraes broad curriculum when it came to sports. He said that in addition to soccer, Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes has been Brazil’s national sports patron. Guimaraes has also invested in other sports including volleyball, tennis, and gymnastics. According to Mr. Costa, the honoree has continued to contribute heavily to Brazil’s social development in addition to financial development.


The Member of Parliament also mentioned that Mr. Ricardo has also invested in the health sector. He has contributed funding to the Whale Hospital and the Saint Vincent de Paul Foundation.


The Governor’s representative, Anastasia, declared that the tribute to Mr. Ricardo was well deserved due to his family’s long commitment to the development of sports in Brazil. Then the House’s Chairman alongside Mr. Daniel Nepomuceno handed the diploma to Mr. Guimaraes while Mr. Fred Costa gave him a plate of honor.


Towards the end of the ceremony, Mr. Ricardo thanked everybody for their kindness and honor. He said that his professional roots and his family were in Belo Horizonte. He said that he was privileged to be able to maintain the tradition that his grandfather started in 1930 and said that as the leader of Banco BMG, he will ensure that the organization continues to be the number one investor in Brazil’s athletes and sports activities.All the best sir.

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Bruce Levenson a former Hawk January 15, 2016

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur who received a bachelor’s degree at Washington University going on to American University where he got a law degree. Levenson lives in Maryland with his three sons and his wife. He is one of the leaders of the United Communications Company as well as on of the founders in 1977. Mr. Levenson has also has run the Atlanta Spirit group. In addition to his business endeavors he is also a philanthropist.

The original bankers on hired to value the Atlanta Hawks by MR. Levenson overvalued the price of the team. The original estimate was for around 1 billion dollars for the rights to the arena as well as the team. However a group of buyers is now paying 730 million for the team in addition to the operating rights. Many did not see the billion dollar price tag as unusual or as an overestimation. Though Andrew Zimbalist, who is an economist who specializes in sports believed it would sell between 700 and 750 million. Bruce Levenson still made a large profit off of his portion of the sale.

Sales of other NBA teams rapidly increased the value of other teams up for sale. Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs were hired by the Hawks to manage the sale.The NBA has also gotten new deals in sponsorship and television leading to an increase in all franchise values. Antony Ressler had been interested in the clippers before the bid was won by Steve Ballmer. This sale will go to Mr. Ressler and a team of buyers that include Grant Hill in addition to several prominent business leaders. Mike Budenholzer as the coach as well as Steve Koonin the Hawks CEO are said to be given a say in the new group plans for the team. This decision is one of the best choices the new owners could make.

Bruce Levenson and his group known as the Atlanta spirit group announced they would sell their stake in the hawks in September. Then the other partners also chose to part with their parts of the franchise. All groups involved agreed to silence on the details until the sale was finalized. Irwin Raij a sports attorney who worked on the sale said the franchise sold at a good price in the market. Levenson’s group originally bought the rights to the team and arena for 205 million dollars back in 2004.

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Follow Friday: Jon Urbana, @jonurbana1

Since he became a successful entrepreneur, Jon Urbana has enjoyed a successful career as a lacrosse camp CEO and founder. Thanks to the work he has done with his Next Level Lacrosse Camp and non-sports ventures, Urbana has captured the attention of many people interested in his various endeavors. He tweets to the public regularly as @jonurbana1 and the subject matter of those tweets is varied to say the least.

One interesting tweet is sure to be a help to those who like more traditional software programs for logging business and personal data. The tweet links to a cool post on his blog about how to get the most out of spreadsheets. Yes, traditional spreadsheets still have value even today.

More lighthearted tweets linked to his Tumblr give insights into the music Urbana seems to enjoy. He has been honoring the passing of David Bowie and chose to link to an article by the Aviation Business Gazette about an FAA Certified Airman’s award garnered by Urbana. A Tumblr video of Bowie and Queen joining up to sing the classic song “Under Pressure”. The tweet about the New Electro & House 2016 – Kayra Ilyas Göbül shows some of his more modern tastes in music. The musical selections Urbana’s uploaded to MTV show a really diverse array of tastes. Maybe Urbana can help introduce his Soundcloud followers to a lot of music they might never has listened to before.

Urbana has a fondness for photo art and enjoys posting and tweeting images that really do appeal to the senses. The photo “Surf Couple” is a fantastic shot of a crab on a white backdrop featuring a man and a woman, both holding surfboards, conversing on a magnificent stretch of beach. The rather simple image stirs emotions and is very thought-provoking. So is this stunning shot of sliced kiwi.

The tweets also present a bit of humor that Urbana makes obvious on his profile (read more). Urbana shares a quirky Buzzfeed post featuring “Hannibal Lector quotes” used for “motivational posters”. The dark humor will bring a smile to the face of those who remember the classic 1990 horror film and its bizarre – yet intelligent – villain.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

And yes, Jon Urbana does show his love for lacrosse. He mentions the “Oakland Raiders are homeless” and send his readers to Reddit to learn the whole story.

An article on Bloomberg about Jon Urbana is loaded with his diverse contributions. Checking it out leads lot of enjoyment.

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Set Up an Account and Get Help to Pay Your Bills With Go Fund Me January 13, 2016

Fund me is the world’s number one personal fundraising website with over 1 billion dollars having been raised so far. Organizing a fundraiser or looking for donors can be hard but with Go Fund Me, it has been made easier. You can now use Go Fund Me to raise money for school fees, medical bills, pets, funeral expenses or even sports teams. Fund me is accessible to all operate. All you need to do is;

Set up an account- All you need to do is go to their website and click on sign up.
Set a goal- The goal is the amount of money you want to raise.
Select a photo- Use the picture of the person you are creating the account for, whether it’s for a friend, a relative, or a charity.
Explain the scenario- The scenario is the course. For instance, if you are nurturing funds for a hospital bill, explain what happened, the illness, the injury, the cause maybe. In short tell the story
Share with friends.-Once You have created the account and filled all the details you can now share with friends so they can start donating. Your friends can give from their phones using a credit card or a debit card. Each time a donation is made, you will receive an email to notify you. Once you or the person you are raising the money for is ready to withdraw the money they’ll provide their banking information, and they’ll receive the money in their account.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Go Fund me is supporting the course for raising money for Nepal earthquake victims. The campaign being done by Crowdrise is set to raise a million dollars for the victim hence the #amilliondollarchallenge.220.10 dollars have already been raised. The JRM ambassador program is challenging the US since they feel the 1 million dollars the government gave was scarce.

Majeed Ekbal is a well-known real-estate marketing and business professional with over15 years’ experience in the field. He is an expert in healthcare marketing, SEO analytics, experiential marketing, Digital marketing and social media marketing among others.
Majeed is a graduate of American University and currently resides I Chicago Illinois. After graduation, he founded Espresso Inc. in Chicago, a company is well known for its integrity and honesty. He worked in many businesses in Chicago throughout his career. Ekbal’s personal projects include putting a stop to slavery and child abuse.

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Status Labs Sees Massive Revenue Growth During Last Three Years

Digital reputation management firm Status Labs has seen enormous increases in its annual revenues during the last three years. 2015, has proven to be its most successful and profitable year in the company’s short history. The firm was founded in 2012, and has seen record growth in revenues since its inception. It is estimated that the company’s revenues increased by over 900% since its founding year. This is a massive amount, and shows just how successful the firm has been not only in gaining new clientele, but retaining clients as well.

The brains behind Status Labs is Darius Fisher. Mr. Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University and went on to work in politics as a political consultant. He also spent time briefly working as a copy writer. These experiences made Darius Fisher aware of how damaging smear campaigns can become to a person’s reputation or company’s image. While working as a consultant Mr. Fisher came up with a brilliant idea for a business. He idea was a company that would focus on restoring and limiting damage from smear campaigns and scandals that would tarnish an otherwise clean or good image of an individual or company. He put his idea into action and Status Labs was born in 2012. The firm has expanded every year since its founding.

Status Labs offers a number of other services besides digital reputation management. They offer social media management and public relations campaigns to their clients. The firm uses state of the art techniques to essentially re-engineer the image of a person under attack from a smear campaign or having suffered a scandal. This is done through software engineers that use google and other search engine’s algorithms to essentially reshape the digital image of a person or company to restore their reputation and credibility.

The firm currently has locations in North and South America. Its main office is in Austin, Texas and it recently expanded into Sao Paulo, Brazil to serve the South American market. Status Labs also has an East Coast office in New York City, where it caters to high net worth individuals and leaders in the financial and business sectors. Already the firm is projecting additional growth for the first quarter of 2016 and is expecting to add additional jobs to its rapidly growing workforce.

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