Talk Fusion Scores Huge PR Victory

If you are or ever will be in the market for video marketing solutions then you are going to wind up knocking on Talk Fusion’s door. Talk Fusion, established by CEO Bob Reina, has been one of THE top companies in the world for clients looking to utilize video to establish stronger relationships with their customer base and audience. Talk Fusion had an excellent year in 2016 which was capped off with an award from Technology Marketing Corporation for the Product of the Year award for their Video Chat application.


Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is the spearhead for their program right now and one that customers around the world are eagerly getting their hands on. The award, called the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, goes to companies and products that pushed the envelope when it comes to video marketing. It’s not enough to just release an application, a company has to really back their product across the board in order to get considered for this prestigious marketing award. To say that Talk Fusion was excited about the award would be an understatement.


Rich Tehrani, the CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation, announced the award back in August of 2016. Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina was quick to accept it while lauding his work by saying, “This is just the beginning.” Reina went on to congratulate his IT team for a job well done by saying, “They’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and that’s what Talk Fusion is all about.” Reina continued by saying that they had plans to continually evolve their Video Chat application. Talk Fusion CTO Ryan Page said that the award was “a testament to how efficient and innovative Talk Fusion’s team is.” Page also echoed the sentiments that the Video Chat application would be seeing great upgrades here in the near future.


When it comes right down to it this award should surprise nobody that has been following Talk Fusion for the past couple of years. Reina has put his heart and soul into developing the company and dividends are being paid to both his customers and his employees.

Covers.Com Knows Football

When it comes to the NFL, a lot of people struggle to come up with predictions and they struggle to come to terms with NFL odds. Between the point spreads, injuries, and everything in between, it can be tough to navigate through the murky waters of football odds. That is why they need to visit This is a website that will not let them down. It will give them all of the information they need and more for NFL fans, and especially the Super Bowl. When it comes to Super Bowl odds, there is not a site on planet earth that gets it done the way does.

It all starts with their experts. They bring in the best of the best for this. These are seasoned experts and they have earned their reputation as experts. It is not something that has happened by accident. They have done their homework, done their research, and they have gone out of their way to make sure they know what they are talking about when it comes to NFL odds and football odds. It is not something that is just a hobby for them. It is a job and a passion. They like the fact that people count on them. also has daily columns and they have tremendous columns when it comes to Super Bowl odds. A lot can change between the start of the season and the Super Bowl, and is on top of it at all times. They leave nothing to surprise. They know that when people are visiting their site and checking it out, they are doing it for a reason. They are doing it because they want to visit a website that is going to be filled with straight shooters. They don’t want people that are wishy-washy or give poor advice.

They are a respected website and like anything in life, that respect was not handed to them. They put in the extra work and they put in the time to make a website that people would not only like, but they would love. That is their devotion to their customers. After all, they feel like if someone is going to do something, it is only right to do it properly and go all out. It is rewarding for them when they hear about success stories from people that have used and use it all of the time.

Stallone Soars and Nicolas Has A Cage Full Of Hits


As any Sylvester Stallone filmography shows, when he hit Hollywood, he did it in a big way. The boxing drama Rocky arrived in 1976 and that character has been a part of America ever since. It ranks as not only one of Stallone’s best movie but one of Hollywood’s top movies of all time. But Stallone was never a one-hit wonder. Along with Rocky and its many sequels, Rambo is another character Stallone created for the masses. Stallone has starred in some of the biggest movies Hollywood has produced, his credits read like a who’s who. Nighthawks, Cobra, Tango and Cash and Copland partially fill his cop quota. Other hits such as Demolition Man and Judge Dredd simply added to it. With the Expendables, Sylvester Stallone added one more franchise to his blockbuster status.

Nicolas Cage movies, on the other hand, show he has a long, successful career but on a much different scale. His résumé is a mixture of very hit or very miss, with the “very hit” being very impressive. Early on it was the “very hit” of Raising Arizona and Moonstruck, two wonderful comedies. Honeymoon In Vegas and Guarding Tess were more examples of Cage’s comedic talent that was very successful. In Leaving Las Vegas he took a serious turn, one that paid off. Con Air and The Rock brought him action success and National Treasure 1 and 2 were massive hits.


Both Stallone and Cage have left great Hollywood legacies offering something for just about any type of audience, even those just looking for some good gangsta movies.

Common Mistakes People Make All The Time While Taking Photos

The use of the smartphone has made taking photos a very easy task. A few decades ago, taking photos was much different. People had to either use a real camera made solely for the purpose of taking photos or a disposable camera on Either way the photos were taken, people generally had to take the photos to a location to be developed. Even early digital photos had to be sent off.

A lot of things changed with the introduction of the smartphone. Various companies make their own version of the smartphone, but in general, the smartphone has many of the same features across the board. One of the features that is basically on all smartphones is the camera feature on People can use their smartphone to take better pictures than many other camera devices. The smartphone has an impressive camera feature that provides some of the latest photo technology.

Using the smartphone to take pictures is a simple task, and the pictures tend to look good especially when compared to older technology. However, some people still have problems taking good pictures using the smartphone.

Some of the problems can be traced to the smartphone camera settings at, but many of the problems can be traced back to the user. Some people have trouble using the smartphone to take pictures. In addition, some people just do not understand some common things that they should not do related to taking good pictures.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa has several suggestions that he made regarding common mistakes to avoid related to taking good pictures. Some of the most common things that he said people should avoid include:

1. The composition is not correct.
2. Photographs are not consistent.
3. The shots are not sharp enough.
4. The colors are too strong.
5. There is no topic.
6. The majority of the pictures are taken while traveling
7. The person taken the picture is not close enough.
8. HDR is excessive.
9. People take too many pictures.
10. The level of black and white is not correct.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a successful businessman who holds numerous executive positions with several companies in Panama. The positions that he holds are key positions within the companies. His role at the companies cover many business aspects. He is asked to give advice, recommendations, and leadership.

In addition to his contributions in the business sector, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa provides a lot to the Panama community. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a mentor to many local children, he helps many local businesses, and he helps to improve the local economy.

Chris Burch’s Prediction About Tech Fashion

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital, and he is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is a well-known investor with investments in a variety of industries. He was born on 23 March 1953. He co-founded Tory Burch which is a luxury fashion brand. Burch strongly believes in the power of branding. Therefore, he takes a keen interest in sales and marketing of businesses that include consumer products, apparel, technology, hospitality, and financial services. Chris is involved in the rise of over fifty companies. He combined consumer behavior understanding with direct and international sourcing experience. As a result, there was a long track record where innovation was behind the impact.



Chris Burch predicts that tech fashion is the future. He analyzed how fashion changed from the decade of the seventies up till now. According to him, fashionable items gain popularity, and that grows the technology. Now fashion and technology are coming closer which will improve functionality and increase innovation. He gave the example of Anouk Wipprecht who is a Dutch fashion designer and experiments a lot with technology. Her avant-garde designs are the reason for her popularity.



Burch believes that advancement in fashion through technology will increase safety. He gave the example of a system that Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt created to wear around the neck. This system is called Airbag for Cyclists. In a case of possible impact, the airbag will pop up out and protect the person’s head. When it’s not opened, the visibility of the surroundings is also better as compared to a helmet. Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan have invented FrontLine Gloves which allow firefighters to inform each other crucial information like when to leave a building or scene. Some designers are even recycling materials for creating wonderful fashions. Designers are also working technology and fashion to create energy.


Chris Burch explained how technology sometimes needs fashion. He gave the example of Google Glass, and how different people look at it. The device was not getting enough attention until a top fashion designer decided to use them on her models for the catwalk. Fashion can wake up people. Therefore, technology needs help from the fashion world. Rather both of them can help each other and grow together. The future of fashion and technology is together. Not just beautiful fashions but also functional fashions require technology. The exciting products of tomorrow depend on how these two go together.

The Success of Status Labs

Reputation management has become a growing necessity for businesses around the world that are looking to not only maintain business with customer, but that are also looking towards expanding their company. In order to pursue this, online reputation management has become a growing industry that has allowed for individuals that are constantly in the eye of the public as well as businesses to maintain a positive reputation and to continue to expand a positive reputation for others to see around the world. As the world of the internet has expanded exponentially, it has become more and more pertinent that individuals invest in online reputation services in order to make sure that not only their reputation is protected, but to also make sure that there is a backup plan against any bad review or bad comment over the internet. Among the many choices for an online reputation management firm, one in particular stands out.

This online reputation management firm is called Status Labs, a firm that was created only a few years back and a company that has been exponentially growing ever since. Individuals have been flocking to Status Labs for several years because of the excellent services that are provided to each and every customer. Each client of the company receives a perfectly tailored service that has been proven to improve companies. At the helm of this company is Darius Fisher, an expert in online reputation management as well as a strong leader who has been able to build this company from the bottom up.

Darius Fisher, in recent news, has been recognized for his excellence due to the services that his company offers as well as the attention to detail that Darius Fisher gives. Darius Fisher is a businessman who has recently accepted the Business Development Individual of the year award which is only given to those individuals who show true excellence in the marketing industry. Darius Fisher is very proud of this award and hopes to continue offering some of the best services to individuals around the world that wish to expand or wish to have a second chance.


Keeping Your Rep Up

Status Labs, an online management reputation company, provides various services for digital facelifts. This can be for businesses or individuals depending on the needs. Currently located in Austin, Texas, Status Labs has recently opened another office in Los Angeles due to the overwhelming demand for reputation management. This demand has propelled them into the top five hundred fastest growing companies. The niche that Status Labs has found will be relevant and important for years to come.

We all know the importance of a reputation to keep a brand intact, business operating or an actor with public support. Status Lab has the ability to manage public relations, search engine optimization, digital crises, as well as social media marketing. Their success has been found through the well-known clients that have needed help in managing perceptions in this ever increasing digital world. Many of these clients are Fortune 500 companies that need this type of help and understand that as a core competency for Status Labs they will be the most efficient at it.

The team at Status Labs is considered a high octane machine. People with the highest values and ethics are considered for the job. This is understandable based on the work that they are doing for other clients. A company would not want to have to deal with its own reputation issues and be expected to uplift other companies. Critical to their success is communication throughout the company, this is done through newsletters. Keeping employees up to speed always drives loyalty and a sense of belonging. Knowing you are making a difference in the direction or goals of the company is a satisfying aspect of any career. Status Labs has taken the initiative to recognize the hard work of their employees through various individual recognition programs, catered lunches, and outings. This type of engagement is great for improving culture and morale. Building the relationships with each other will win in the long run and help their clients ultimately.

If you are looking for that help in a time of need, for some reason your company is having false information disseminated against it or a boycott has happened, look no further than Status Labs. They have the expertise and resources to guide you on the path of success. Even if it is the normal uplifting that is needed for marketing, their experts know the way to improve your digital reputation.

NFL Betting: Making Watching The Game More Fun

A lot of people love to watch the football game. However, all a lot of people do is watch the game. A lot of people don’t realize that they can actually make it worth something besides the fun of watching their favorite team perform. This is where NFL Betting comes in. However, some people may know about it but feel intimidated at the notion of gambling because they don’t know the odds. This will take them away from the idea of profiting from their NFL game watching. However, they are missing out on something that could earn them plenty in the long run.

Another factor that could keep people away from NFL betting is that there are a lot of companies that NFL bets, but they are rather untrustworthy. As a result, they tend to cause a lot of problems for the gambler. It also makes all of the gambling sites look bad. However, there is a site that is going to offer a lot of benefits to people that use it. This site is called is one of the most complete sites when it comes to information about a football team. For one thing it has a lot of information on the Football odds of each game.

One thing that is certain is that it is an exhilarating feeling to win the game. However, in order to win consistently, one has to know the Football odds. Also, if one is feeling lucky, he can use his knowledge of the Super Bowl odds in order to win the Super Bowl bets. This will gain him plenty of money for the games. This would make sports betting one of the most successful activities for him. However, it is important for him to actually take the time to do his homework before placing a bet.

One thing that could be said for people that are financially well off is that they seem to know how to make money from everything. It is those that have an eye for opportunity that have the greatest chance for success. Therefore, they will be able to enjoy their winnings.

UK Vintners Gives the Best Advice For Wines

UK Vintners is a UK based specialist of sale and acquisition of world’s best champagne and luxury fine wine. The company’s focus is to deliver exceptional service to customers who want the best wines from famous vineyards in European countries like Spain, Italy, and France. UK Vintners works with different types of customers. Some of them buy wine for the pleasure of drinking while others add fine wine to their collections for financial gain or future sale. Some clients hire UK Vintners to develop their private cellars. In either case, the company uses its vast network of contacts to choose and provide the finest grade of champagne and fine wine.

The small team of consultants at UK Vintners does exceptionally big job to guide customers. Whenever a customer contacts a consultant, he guides the customer about the available options. Some customers prefer fact to face meeting. For them, UK Vintners can send a consultant to their office, home or any desired location. UK Vintners is an independent wine company, so it is not bound to any supply chain. It works with a network of traders, merchants, and brokers. Therefore, the advice provided for champagne and fine wine his highly sought out and unbiased.

Recently, UK Vintners announced the list of best wines for the holiday season of 2016. The outstanding consultants of the company declared five wines as the top choice for upcoming holidays. The first choice is Beychevelle 2008 which is a soft and fruity wine. It is made with cranberry and raspberry. It is recommended to use this wine within first 15 years. Beychevelle 2008 comes from the Saint-Julien appellation. The second wine is D’Yquem 2009. It is made with spices and hints of sweet spice pears, honey, and apricot. This wine is being made in Graves, France at Chateau d’Yquem for more than 400 years. It is a perfect choice to use with Christmas desserts.

Montrose 1998 is the third choice of UK Vintners fine wine consultants. It is made with Merlot grapes, and it has aromas of black cherry and plum. The wine comes from St.-Estephe region, and it is highly recommended for New Year Night party. The fourth choice is Ducru Beaucaillou which takes ten years to mature enough. The dark purple color and aged flavor is a sign of its maturity. It comes from Ducru Beaucailou winery which is the oldest winery in the Saint-Julien appellation located in Bordeaux, France.

The fifth and the last recommendation is Pichon Baron 1998. This wine is low in acid, and it is made with sweet toasty oak and hints of black currants and charcoal. It is a medium-bodied wine which is at its peak in this season. It comes from Pauillac appellation of Bordeaux in France. After that, it is blended with Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

UK Vintners is now also present on social media. People can follow the company on its Facebook Page and Instagram & Twitter accounts or visit the company’s website for more details.

Impressive Julie Zuckerberg’s Track Record Throughout her Career Life

Have you ever heard of a jack of all trades but a master of none? Looking at the accomplishments of Julie Zuckerberg, jealous people can be quick to make such conclusions. She seems to have achieved a lot in her career than many people of her age. Julie currently works at Deutsche Bank as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead for Private Wealth and Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and GTO. Julie started her career as the Director of Candidate Placement from November 2002 to October 2007. Julie recruited attorneys, paralegals, law firm staff for temporary and permanent positions, and financial institution members during this time. She also provided the required information about the benefits of working in the said organizations and factors for promotions to employees. Julie also offered herself as the link between the employer and employee whenever conflicts arose. She did that within legal requirements. Julie is very competent at what she does.


Julie Zuckerberg then became the Vice President, Executive Recruiter, and NA Professional at Citi Global Consumer Bank. She worked here for six years and a couple of months. Julie’s job description was to recruit the directors and the managing directors for CitiCards and the bank’s consumer marketing and internet office. She also advised senior business leaders on recruiting strategies. She has great experience in recruitment. She then worked for The New York Life Insurance Company and Greater New York City Area. She was accorded the role of Client Relationship for all the experienced recruitment role in the entire Agency nationwide as a result of her experience in hiring. Julie also helped in getting creative solutions for the company as well as working with the senior management to identify client’s needs. She served as the Vice President at Deutsche Bank from April 2014 to November 2015. She also served as the Talent Acquisition and Executive Recruiter before settling for the post of The Executive Talent Acquisition lead in the same Bank.


Julie Zuckerberg went to the New York Law School and later to the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she completed her Philosophy studies. Julie is mostly interested in taking care of animals, economic and human rights empowerment, and participating in arts and culture when she is not at work. She is also interested in things that relate with Science, Technology, Social Action, and Civil Rights.