Harry Sheer Tweeted That He Has Been Fired From the Simpsons May 14, 2015

Bad news for Simpson’s fans. According to tweet from the voice actor last night, it appears that Harry Sheer will no longer be a part of the Simpsons cast. The actor tweeted that he had been fired from the show because of a dispute about the freedom to do outside work. He emphasised that this was something the voice actors had always been allowed to do before.

For years, ever since the show first aired in 1989, Sheer has been a part of the main cast of the Simpsons, and has been the voice of Ned Flanders, Mr.Burns, Smithers, Lenny, Dr.Hibbert, Principal Skinner, Rev.Lovejoy, and dozens of other characters. The showrunner, Al Jean, has said that they do not plan on killing off any of these characters, but it still remains to be seen who will replace the characters, and whether or not the show will suffer in quality (most people seem to think that it will).

Sheer has been an outspoken opponent of much of the producers and executives that run the show, leading a dispute about the actors getting a percentage of the merchandising revenue and openly criticizing an especially unpopular episode, The Principal and the Pauper, back in the 9th season of the show according to Daniel Amen on Youtube. It is possible that this was simply the final straw for the producers of the show, and that they had been looking for an excuse to fire him.

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Jurassic World Trailer Released April 22, 2015

The brand new global trailer for the movie “Jurassic World” came out on Monday and is creating quite a stir in the dinosaur movie loving communities of the world. The trailer actually manages to engage the audience from the get go, revealing some vital things about the movie that would make fans flock to the theaters in June.

With Chris Pratt at the helm, there is one important plot point in the movie – this time it’s more than personal for the dinosaurs. One dinosaur in particular, which has been created to be “bigger than a T-Rex” seems to be enjoying the killing bit a bit too much. The wow factor is easily this one dinosaur that would actually be the major plot point the movie revolves around. The trailer also reveals that it eats its own sibling, simply for the jollies.

Another glorious scene is that of pterodactyls swooping in and literally lifting people off the ground to make a delicious meal off them. On first look, the trailer might remind people of the second installment of “How to Train Your Dragon”. Amidst all this blood and running, there is still time for lighthearted fun and, in the trailer, Chris Pratt balances it beautifully, according to STX Entertainment.

The Guardian of the Galaxy actor is known for his comic timing but this does not mean that he is sans any acting skills, as fans are sure this movie would prove when it comes out.

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The X-Men’s Colossus Gets A Big Role In The Deadpool Film April 20, 2015

A bit of interesting news has emerged regarding the highly anticipated Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie. It looks like the X-Men character Colossus is going to have a role in the film. Does this mean Deadpool is a solo hero film in name only and will turn out to be a team up feature?

Screenwriter Rhett Reese has let the proverbial cat out of the bag and noted that Colossus is going to appear in a much larger role than anticipated. Fans are going to rejoice at the presence of one of the X-Men in the film, but concerns are going to arise over whether or not the role of Deadpool is going to be diminished in any way. We aren’t going to know the answer until the actual film is released. In all honesty, consider it doubtful a star the caliber of Ryan Reynolds would allow himself to appear in a second banana role to anyone.

Adding another hero to the film is a smart move, at least if you as Kevin Seawright and countless others. For one, if the studio has the rights to the character, there is no reason not to use him. Since Deadpool is going to be a lower budgeted hero project aimed at hardcore fans, an extra hero could boost more fans to turn out when the film shows up in theaters as opposed to waiting for the DVD release.

Deadpool is not exactly a “nice” superhero. He’s pretty dangerous. Colossus might not end up being too buddy-buddy with Deadpool. Audiences may be treated to a big battle between the two of them, which would really be a cool thing to see.

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The Simpsons Make You Think

The Simpsons is a television show that has been around now for decades. There are serious moments on the show, but for the most part, The Simpsons gives viewers a laugh each time there is an episode. There have been a few times when the show has become too real for some viewers in the form of relationships, family and friends. There are episodes when Lisa got her heart crushed, and Grandpa fell in love with a woman right before she died while he was with his son. Moe found love more than once on the show, only to be crushed because he pretended to be someone else.


There are episodes about trying to be someone your not in order to fit in with the popular crowd as well as dealing with the death of a spouse or family member. Ricardo Tosto thought they were all pretty funny when he watched. These are the episodes that hit close to home. They make viewers think, and that’s what a television show should do for viewers.

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The Fast and the Furious Remembered April 3, 2015

Jordana Brewster is one of the stars that have been in The Fast and the Furious from the beginning. She was in the first one. However, she wasn’t in the second or third one. The 2nd and 3rd film in the series had kept its connection to he first one. The late Paul Walker appeared in the 2nd film by himself. Vin Diesel appeared in the third film as a cameo. She recalls working with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel for the first one.

Justin Lin has decided to reinvent the series starting from the beginning by bringing the original cast back. Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodrigues all returned to the Fast and Furious franchise to continue their story. Jordana Brewster remembers the first one as being very small. As one looks back at the franchise with the first one, it does seem very small in compared to what it has become. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t have expected a big Bond-racing-spy franchise from such a humble first movie.

Even the fourth film which reunited the cast has kept the series quite small with a feel similar to that of the first film. It was not until the fifth Fast and Furious that things got really out there according to Paul Mathieson. With the 6th one being even larger to the point where you are wondering if they are setting up for a Fast and Furious/Bond/G.I. Joe/Mission Impossible cross over like many on Facebook are speculating.

Furious 7 opens up as a Tribute to Paul Walker this Friday.

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The Process of Endometriosis Surgery April 2, 2015

Tamer Seckin, MD, is a Board Certified gynecologist. He is also an internationally renowned specialist in minimally invasive laparoscopic endometriosis surgery. Dr. Tamer Seckin is in private practice in New York as well. He has more than 30 years of experience. Dr Seckin is also the co-founder and medical director of the Endometriosis Foundation of America. This physician has dedicated his life to the treatment and understanding of this little-known disease.

The Purpose of Endometriosis Surgery

The core concept in the effective surgical treatment of endometriosis is the complete removal of all areas of disease from the body. If endometriosis is not removed completely, any persistent disease may remain symptomatic, active, and may continue to progress. The chance of recurrence is very low if all areas of the disease are meticulously removed. Most patients will experience continued relief with no recurrence after the complete removal of their endometriosis.

Any surgeon understands that the primary method of treating this disease is through wide excision. This is the best technique suited to effectively remove all areas of disease tissue. Surgeons who have dedicated their career to caring for women with endometriosis will understand this method.

Wide Surgical Excision

An area of tissue is cut out and removed from the body. Wide excision involves cutting out areas of abnormal tissue with a wide margin. This ensures that only healthy tissue is left behind. Some of the disease may be inadvertently left behind if the excision is not performed with wide margins around the area of visually abnormal tissue. This is because endometriosis can be very subtle in appearance. Sometimes, some cells at the margins of these affected areas may retain the potential to become disease at a later date through a process of coelomic metaplasia. This can happen even if all areas of visually detectable disease are removed. Excising with generous margins is preferable. There is more skill needed if the area of excision is wider because there are more structures involved. The area and the depth of the excised tissue must be sufficient. This ensures that all disease is removed.

The specific techniques and opinions as to the best tool for the job vary between surgeons. The complete removal of all areas of disease should remain the same regardless of the tool that the surgeon decides to use. This should be the primary goal of every surgeon. This will make the patient feel really confident and comfortable with the surgeon.

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Trevor Noah Will Take Over For Jon Stewart April 1, 2015

It has been announced that Trevor Noah will be replacing the famous comedy news host Jon Stewart in the near future. Fans were devastated to learn just a few weeks ago that Stewart would be departing from his show, especially after the recent departure of Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report. No matter what anyone says, Noah will have some really big shoes to fill as it seems and feels like to the viewers that he is responsible for not just pleasing the fans of the Daily Show, but also the fans of the Colbert Report as well.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Theverge.com, there has been no set date as to when Steward will be leaving his show and no date on when Trevor Noah will be making his appearance for the first show ever either. Either way, it will seem like a long time during the switch of the two and that is ok. Stewart’s fans need a moment to process what is happening before a new face takes his place, and it should be a good time. Haidar Barbouti (chron.com) knows that there has been no official statement made either about why Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show. Maybe he felt abandoned after his fun counterpart, Colbert, left the stage, or maybe he just decided that it was the right time to leave and to pursue other things. Either way, welcome Trevor Noah!

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NBC To Broadcast “The Wiz” Live March 31, 2015

Follwoing its Success of broadcasting live, “Peter Pan” and “The Sound of Music,” NBC will mount its most ambitious broadcast yet by producing “Wiz.” The Wiz is the Motown production version of the Wizard of OZ. The Wiz was made into an instant cult classic by its stars Diana Ross as Dorothy and Michael Jackson as the scarecrow. Te Wiz was a commercial and critically acclaimed hit on both Broadway as well as the theatrical released movie. NBC to Bring The Wiz to Broadway

No stars have been announced yet but NBC will surely stoke the flames all year of possible stars to fill the role of Dorothy. Speculation the a singer who has acting experience will be named is dominating the speculation mill. Rhianna’s name is mentioned and as well as other R & b singers who have received strong acting credits such as Jennifer Hudson who starred in the theatrical release of “Dream Girls.”

The true test of the show’s success will be the production quality and whether whether that can be carried through to a television audience. While many people remember the Wiz from television, the production quality of the project was made for large screen movies. A stage quality production which meets todays standards of High Definition television is a new challenge that NBC will have to meet. With a year to advertise the show, the airing, which all expect to be close to Christmas will be highly anticipated.

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Jessica Lange Ends AHS Run March 18, 2015

On Sunday, Jessica Lange confirmed at PaleyFest in Los Angeles that she will not be performing in the fifth edition of the American Horror Story franchise known as American Horror Story: Hotel. Lange explained in an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly that American Horror Story was her first major commitment in a long time, it requires a six-month commitment and she wants some time for herself. Many experts believe that the 65-year-old needs a break given that she was the lead in all four seasons.

Marc Sparks says that fans of American Horror Story do not have to worry about the loss of star power. It was also announced at PaleyFest that Cheyenne Jackson, who is well known for his work on 30 Rock and other series and films, has recently signed on to join the cast of AHS: Hotel alongside of Lady Gaga who committed to the project earlier this year. Wes Bentley and Matt Bomer, who were both in AHS: Freak Show, will also be returning.

Little is known about the 13-episode fifth season. Many previous American Horror Story veteran actors informed the media at PaleyFest that they are interested in returning but they are waiting to hear more from creator Ryan Murphy about available roles. The loss of Lange creates an interesting obstacle for Murphy who designed the anthology series as stories that are both standalone and interconnected in some puzzling fashion with one another.

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Sony Playstation Vue Arriving In 2 Weeks March 17, 2015

Sony Corporation is planning to deploy its long-awaited product transmitting simultaneous video according to a report released by the Wall Street Journal.

The president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, said in an interview with the newspaper that PlayStation Vue will be commercially launched in three US cities in two weeks: New York, Philadelphia and Chicago as a test, before being presented to the rest of the country.

The service can be used in PlayStation consoles, both the third and fourth generation from what Bloomberg had reported.

The video transmission service will allow consumers without traditional cable and satellite subscriptions to watch movies and TV shows.

PlayStation Vue will feature some of the most popular channels in the US (NBC, FOX, Comedy Central, FX, etc.), allowing users to view the live broadcast via streaming or enjoy recorded up to a limit of 28 days programs.

The price of the monthly subscription service is still in question.

Several companies will have direct streaming services. Time Warner Inc said earlier that their HBO broadband will be available on Apple TV in April.

Earlier this year, Dish Network Corp launched its video streaming service, SlingTV.

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