Prince’s Epic Style Moments May 1, 2016

“She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a secondhand store. She wore a raspberry beret, and if it was warm she wouldn’t wear much more.” -Prince song Raspberry Beret.

She may have worn a raspberry beret with not much else when it was warm, but what were the top fashion moments of the songwriter himself -the famous and magical music genius-Prince? Prince had a wild assortment of outfits and costumes that he
wore during his extensive music career. In the wake of his sudden death that has caused his fans around the world to say “this is what it sounds like when doves cry”, here are his top most epic style moments.

Prince made a giant purple splash in 1984 when Purple Rain came out. His outfits during the film and during his tours at the time were purple, sparkly long coats, paisley suits, cloud suits with white shirts covered in lace and frills. He resembled an eighties New Romantics version of how classical composers like Mozart dressed. He had the loose Jheri curl hairstyle. Along with his beautiful clothes he was rarely seen without his signature electric cloud guitar.

Crop tops are popular today for women, but at the time the Kiss music video came out Prince popularized crop tops for men with his sleek black crop top, leather jacket, 
black pants and black heels.

During the late eighties Prince did the soundtrack for the Batman movie directed by Tim Burton and starring Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger. Prince did several music videos to go along with his songs. In the Batdance video Prince had a half Joker half Batman look and costume. While he wandered around a gothic styled set like the Phantom of the Opera he was surrounded by dancers dressed like the Joker, Batman and Vicki Vale. Many of the dancers were cross dressing to give the video a gender bending twist.

During the nineties Prince was inspired by his first wife Mayte Garcia -who is from Spain- to try out matador outfits which meshed perfectly with his heels. He wore tight-waisted jackets with broad shoulders covered in sparkles and tight pants that fit along his slim build perfectly.

In 1991 he startled everyone at the MTV VMA’s with his performance of his sexually charged song Gett Off. The dancers were all nearly nude and pantomiming “getting it on” and Prince was wearing a yellow lace suit sans any covering on his backside with a matching yellow cloud guitar. He rocked a shorter hair with a long curl hanging in front of one eye.

Prince’s last few albums he was rocking a natural fro and futuristic ensembles. High collared shirts in metallic colors, peach or geometrical patterns. He also switched his usual plain black shades for third eye sunglasses, round frame sunglasses or an eye mask. His electric guitars had more of a classic body to them but he’d usually have his guitars match his stage outfit.

JustFab may not sell outfits like what Prince wore, but like Prince and his ensembles JustFab seeks to give their customers style that will allow them to express themselves. JustFab is a subscription based fashion store for fashionistas who want beautiful clothing at an agreeable price range. They sell dresses, shoes, jeans, tops, bottoms, purses and jewelry. JustFab also is partnered up with subsidiary companies for kid clothes, work out clothing and men’s clothing.

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Spending 40 Days In The Dark April 28, 2016

Towns in Venezuela will be in the dark during certain times of the day. The city has imposed 40 days of blackouts according to Diaz Granados. This wouldn’t be throughout the entire day, but there will be times when residents could be inconvenienced. It’s the latest effort to try to conserve electricity in a country that doesn’t have much to spare. Because of the drought, the country doesn’t have the water needed to produce electricity. Until there is substantial rain, this is one of the solutions that leaders have established. A Myspace user believes that an unorganized government could be the reason that there is no electricity instead of no water. One of the things to think about is that Venezuela is one of the richest countries in regards to oil. If there is so much oil in the country, then there shouldn’t be any issues with electricity of money to tap into an electrical source.


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Bruce Levenson Most Famous Endeavors April 5, 2016

Early Years
Bruce Levenson was born and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland from a well established Jewish family that has shown him the values of honoring family practices. His family had a number of retail stores in the alcohol beverage market in the Washington D.C, vicinity. He was very intrigued when Bruce Levenson was in highschool with politics, after high school he graduated in 1971 from the Washington University with a degree in political science. Bruce Levenson also enrolled at the American University and received his law degree in 1976.

Mr. Levenson started his profession on Forbes, not as an attorney, but as a journalist for a number of newspapers. In 1977, Mr. Bruce Levenson on wikipedia along with a friend Ed Peskowitz started his own publishing enterprise named United Communications Group, which publish a newspaper known as Oil Express. The newspaper delivers information about oil innovations all around the world combined with the latest activities in the oil market. United Communications Group has been a very thriving endeavor which now has widened in delivering information about banking, technology, healthcare, energy, telecommunication along with many other businesses.

Atlanta Hawks LLC,
One of Bruce Levenson’s most famous achievements came about in 2004, when he and his friend Ed Peskowitz invested in the Atlanta Hawks, LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia for two hundred and fifty million dollars. They are the executives of the Atlanta Hawk basketball team together with the Atlanta Thrashers hockey league and also the Phillips Arena.

While managing the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson has been very successful at making draft and trade selection among the players, allowing the team to remain competitive. This success has allowed the team to reach the NBA playoffs for seven straight seasons.

In 2011, the owners attempted to sell the Atlanta Thrashers and the Atlanta Hawks but was only successful in selling the Atlanta Thrashers. In June of 2015, Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks team to a collection of buyers led by businessman Antony Ressler for around seven hundred and thirty million dollars, which turned out to be incredibly lucrative for Bruce Levenson.

Humanitarian Project
Mr. Levenson most current humanitarian project consists of the organization of a not for profit management center located on the campus of the University of Maryland. This project is designed to help train students in how to set up and manage charities and not for profit companies. Bruce Levenson presently lives with his wife and three boys in Maryland and is enjoying his well-established family beliefs of honoring family traditions.

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The Expansion of RE/MAX in New York March 22, 2016

The company was founded in the 1970s by Dave Liniger. The company boasts of having agents to the tune of 100,000 around the globe. The idea that helped this company grow is the fact that the founder sold the master franchise in different states in the United States which in turn set up other local offices. With the aim of expanding the company and the influence, the company made an announcement to the effect that the company had bought back the first franchise in New York. The company also bought back 16 franchise offices aimed at achieving the same goal.

With the aid of Terri Bohannon leading a team of marketing executives, the company aims to embark on rigorous marketing strategies that would see them expand operations in the city of New York. The honchos of the company are optimistic that the drive will work in their favor and achieve their intended goal of expansion and rapid growth in New York City. The founder of RE/MAX still firmly believes that an experienced team would be instrumental in being able to enter and expand their services in Manhattan.

Although generally a daunting task for offices operating in the suburbs to establish in Manhattan, Dave Liniger opines that a firm ought to approach the area with a different mindset from the one that helped expand the franchise in other areas. Therefore to achieve this, it is incumbent on the owners to get a workforce that is able to resonate with the targeted communities and understands them and people willing to drive the franchise forward in Manhattan. To lend credence to this idea, he observes the growth of master franchises in New York has been made possible using the same ways.

Town Residential is one of the Master Franchise in New York formed by Andrew Heiberger in 2010. In under a period of five years, it has established as one of the real estate firms that provide top notch services to their clients due to their highly experienced staff.

The Franchise provides real estate property for the people in New York and is well aware of the kind of property that the people are interested in be it commercial or residential.

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The Fashion Set’s Glossary March 20, 2016

If you have felt a bit lost with the language of Fashion Weeks’ coverage, let’s cover the basics. Man Repeller reviews the fashion terms they use most people aren’t familiar with.

The Beginner’s Glossary
Accordion pleats: the fabric is sewn to resemble the instrument
Appliqué: an added design to fabric, which has a broad meaning but usually applied to patches, florals, lace, or sequin work.
Bodice: the chest of a blouse that includes everything above the waist and not the sleeves. If you took the piece apart, the bodice itself would resemble a vest. A bodice can also refer to a corset shaped piece.
Box pleats: give the form of a plaid prep school skirt and is accomplished by sewing fabric away from itself.
Brocade: a raised fabric made out of rich materials, such a silk or suede and sewn with silver or gold
Crochet: the knit is finished in each section, as opposed to the material composing the entire piece as is possible in a knit.
Paillette: a large sequin that is big enough to hang as a sculptural piece. When sewn in a row they appear similar to fish scales.
Piping: moulding for fabric seams. It covers a seam and is familiar to most as the raised white detailing used on surfboard shorts.
Plumage: Feathers are as abundant as they are on a peacock.
Pussy Bow: a large, loose bow. Most used in a scarf tie or a blouse strings around the neck.
Ruche: how a fabric is gathered in either a line or point. It is typically used as ruching in a sentence.
Yoke: a fabric panel to add structural integrity to a piece, for instance, a the panel on a cowboy shirt in between the shoulder blades.

Apply your new knowledge to your wardrobe. Go to JustFab and sign-up for a VIP Membership and receive access to a curated online boutique and monthly subscription services that deliver handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry to your door.

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Securus Technologies Successfully Launches Video Visitation Apps March 16, 2016

Connecting with a loved one at an institution has just become easier, thanks to Securus Technologies, the leader in civil and criminal justice technology. Visiting inmates in correctional facilities has always been a strict and inflexible occasion. The convenience of the visitors take a back seat to the litany of rules and regulations. While it is quite understandable why the maze of procedures to see an inmate are in place, it often leaves the visitation with a less than comfortable feeling. Many of us even forego visiting our family and friends who have for different reasons found themselves in their unfortunate position, simply because the system is wrought with so much complexity.

Instead of being subject to limited visitation times, you can now schedule your visitation according to your own schedule, by downloading Securus’ Video Visitation Mobile app. Their is no need for a tethered computer, as long as you have access to cellular or WiFi service, you can use your Android or Apple device to remotely visit your loved ones. Now, with this free mobile app, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions can be easily shared, in real time. The apps are so successful, the Android version has been downloaded 60,000 times, and the Apple version which was only released a few weeks ago, already has over 5,000 downloads.

Securus Technologies is a leader in providing solutions for investigations, public safety and corrections and monitoring for good reason. The firm has invested over $600 million in acquiring and developing hundreds of products that relate to safety, security and efficiency, over the past three years. With the addition of executive sales executive, John Bell, in the fourth quarter of 2015, Securus has positioned itself to transform those product lines into sales. Mr. Bell brings impressive experience from past employment at IBM, At&T, and Time Warner Cable.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company carries a strong commitment to serving its more than 3,400 law enforcement, public safety and correctional facilities clients. Their software solutions span a wide range of applications including emergency response, biometric analysis, incident management and inmate self service. Their easy to use website allowed me to open a prepaid account to immediately start receiving phone calls from my family member. I was able to verify that the institution he is in, was definitely on the list of participating facilities. Sign up was as easy as selecting a scheduled visitation day. This new app will make my life much easier.

Disclaimer: Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with the health supplement Securus or the site, Securus America.

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Dick DeVos Targets His Philanthropy to Conservative and Christian Causes

Inside Philanthropy just published an interesting article about the philanthropic efforts of the DeVos family. They are one of the top giving families in the country, and it’s interesting to analyze how their giving reveals their conservative values and how they compare to similar families, especially the Koch Brothers.

The family’s wealth began with Richard DeVos Sr, cofounder of Amway. With an estimated net worth of $5 billion, he’s among the nation’s wealthiest people. He and his wife Helen run the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. They are best known in the area of school choice. According to the article’s author, they provided most of the funding to turn school choice vouchers from a fringe movement to a mainstream concept.

Their favorite charities are based on religious. They’ve supported Christian youth groups, Christian and parochial schools and faith-based charities. They help Focus on the Family and the Zuni Christian School. They also help out The Heritage Foundation, FreedomWorks and and the American Enterprise Institute. 

Politically, Richard DeVos donates large amounts of money to conservative and Republican candidates. He’s supported presidential campaigns for Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Newt Gringrich. Clearly, they don’t pick winning presidential candidates. However, their financial support does advance causes such as school choice vouchers.

Plus, Richard and Helen attend the biannual donor education and fundraising conferences the Koch Brothers hold to organize and coordinate fundraising for conservative causes and politicians.

Because they gave $50 million to get a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids started, The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital was named after her. They’ve also given to many other nonpartisan charities in the Grand Rapids area.

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, and eventually replaced his father as the head of Amway. He later left to become president of the private holding investment company The Windquest Group. It helps finance alternative energy. According to DeVos, sustainable energy makes economic as well as environmental sense. If a concept is not sustainable, it’s not economically viable in the long run. One business is the Green Machine, which converts waste heat from manufacturing into electricity.

DeVos ran for the governor of Michigan in 2006, but lost. He started working for Amway in 1974. In 1989, he left to found the Windquest Group. In 1991 he was appointed to run the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. In 1993 DeVos returned to Amway, replacing his father as president.

Learn more about this entrepreneur on Dick’s LinkedIn.

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How Solo Capital Was Started March 12, 2016


Sanjay Shah is a famous philanthropist and British millionaire who own Solo Capital. He was born and raised in London, England. His parents were Kenyans, but they relocated to the United Kingdom looking for a better place to settle and raise their children. He was raised up in one of the best neighborhoods in central London. He went to college in London where he studied medicine.

After completing his university education, Shah felt that he wasn’t good enough for medicine, and this is when he abandoned this career for something he has passion in. Like most of the graduates abandoning medicine, Shah opted to concentrate in the financial industry, becoming an accountant.

Being an accountant was not an easy task. The millionaire was employed by several banks in London. The most challenging thing he faces was to travel for long distances to arrive at his workstation. He would also spend many hours in the office sitting and working on the accounts, and he felt that these jobs were not offering him the satisfaction he was looking for. Before he could figure out what to do, he found himself without any employment thanks to the financial crisis that took place in the year 2008. Most of the financial institutions in the world were affected by this crisis, and many banks had to retrench some of its employees. Shah was among them.

After the financial crisis was over, Sanjay Shah decided that he was not going to look for more employment opportunities for himself. He left the accounting career for good, and he chose to open his own brokerage company. He started in a small room that represented his office, and he also hired just a few graduates to help in the daily activities of the institution.

This company was named Solo Capital. They managed to raise a good revenue in their first year, and in no time, they were able to relocate in bigger and better offices. They also expanded the services they were offering their clients, and in September 2011, the company was incorporated. Because its headquarters are in London, England, the company is regulated by the United Kingdom. Solo capital has managed to grow and open branches in several parts of the world. One of its biggest branches is located in Dubai.

Due to the success acquired by Solo Capital, Shah has managed to come out as one of the millionaires in the country; he owns so many companies in the world today, and he has employed thousands of people. Many families in the world depend on him for survival. He is the founder of Autism Rocks, an international organization he started to create awareness about children suffering from autism.

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Incorporation is Discussed in Lake Tahoe, and Appropriately Overruled March 9, 2016

On December 4, the Reno-Gazette Journal ran an article on the disagreement in Lake Tahoe that had emerged concerning the incorporation of Olympic Village and Lake Tahoe. Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Ski Resorts, believes that this discussion would be better settled at city council meetings or meetings of the Lake Tahoe Airport Authority.

In an effort to prevent the incorporation, Mr. Wirth and the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings secured representation from Auburn, Calif. where the Placer County Board of Supervisors is located. They preferred to use an out-of-town agency to obtain fair decisions on land issues, and the members of this agency live mainly in the Sacramento area.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and Andy Wirth view incorporation as a financial disaster. Andy says that it would be devastating for small business owners who support the locals and the ski resorts. Those supporting the incorporation reply that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings is simply too self-absorbed, and they spent thousands of dollars trying in order to prevent incorporation.

In a short time, though, California’s Local Agency Formation Commission determined that Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas could not financially support incorporation. Mr. Wirth saw this as a great opportunity to return to the residents handling local issues. He believes that locals discussing and voting on situations that are proposed are preferred in dealing with the community. Presently, improved transportation is at the top of the list of issues to be discussed, and after a time of recovery, transportation will be discussed.

Mr. Wirth looks beyond Olympic Valley and believes that this area can exist as a cohesive community, which he prefers. Andy has lived in the area for over 30 years and growing up in Colorado. As a young man graduating from Colorado State University, he began working with Steamboat Springs and worked his way to CEO. It wasn’t until 2010 that he became part of Squaw Valley, and he has done an incredible job in renovating the grounds and leading Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He sees the ski resorts and business owners working together to preserve the integrity of the area as one of the best ski resorts in the world.

With the movement effectively squelched, the local government can return to serving the tourists in one of the earliest snowstorms on record. The early snow caused the resorts to happily open three weeks early, and the season has been a success after four years of low volume snow. “This year is going to be the best,” says Andy Wirth.

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The Growth and Expectations for the New York’s Real Estate Industry February 29, 2016

The New York City Luxury real estate industry  experienced tremendous growth in the year 2015. This growth can be attributed to the economic growth and creation of more job opportunities. If all these factors are maintained or else increases in the year 2016, immense growth in the real estate sector is likely to be realized.

Luxuries rentals are in the process of being established especially in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Companies that enjoyed tremendous profits in the year 2015 are likely to deal with hiked interest rates and unstable stock market in 2016.

Increase in Interest rates and decreases in prices

The interest rate has been escalating for many years and is expected to get worse this year. As the rates increase, the demand is going to decrease, hence leading to the price cool off.

Complex deals and delayed decision-making process

Homebuyers will spend much time reviewing contracts, requesting for contingencies, and making complex demands. In addition, they will need to visit the property on sale severally before making any purchases.

Strict pricing policy and increased demands for prime locations

Realistic sellers will emphasize on strict pricing policy. On the other hand, buyers will prefer strategically located properties. Both secondary and tertiary properties will struggle to find buyers and tenants. The role of Baby Boomers will be maintained since they are expected to purchase primary residences.

Growth in numbers of luxury Condos and increased potential buyers

Luxurious properties will be established to deal with high demand. In addition, the number of buyers opting for purchasing rather than renting will increase.

Brief Information on Town Residential

Town Residential has managed to establish a strong niche in the New York’s real estate industry. The firm specializes in the provision of luxury estate services to clients. It is located in Manhattan. Andrew Heiberger founded the firm in 2010. An experienced and reputable team of Representatives manages the firm. The professionals utilize their industrial expertise to come up with a marketing strategy that ensures there are no vacant rentals.

Town Residential has managed to maintain its excellent services for five years since it was launched. The services offered by the company ranges from selling luxurious residential buildings, sales, and lease of developed properties. It appears in the Better Business Bureau list of firms that offers genuine services. Two years ago, the firm opened a tenth office at meatpacking district. The firm plans to expand its operation to other cities while maintaining the quality of services.

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