Now, I have to learn the Cloud too? November 27, 2015

As if the internet was not a big enough change for Americans that grew up without such technology like us Gen X’ers, but now I have to worry about the cloud, and all the apprehension I had about moving business onto the Web came back in startling fashion. Initially, I had fears about security on the Web. In most cases, I was correct because personal and business information is syphoned from the Web and sold through various legal and non-legal channels as well as some government sanctioned and governmental activities in this realm. The competition can peruse your website and replicate even intricate marketing techniques that have been pioneered and kept proprietary for many decades, or they could just hack your system and sack or sabotage your entire Web-based business.

I also know like the Web, the cloud cannot be ignored. I needed cyber security on the Web, and I want to research those same options with the cloud before I employ the cloud in any form into my business. The learning curve alone will mean many companies will not be able to employ the advancements the cloud will imbue on Web business and business in general. For many people this sounds exclusionary, but for me, it means playing in a space that has limited participation by the competition, employing those advancements as an edge against the competition to grow my business, increasing profits, and squeezing or eliminating some of my competitors.

It could really be a beautiful thing, but it has to be secure. There also has to be some guidance for businesses newly utilizing cloud technology in the form of a web application or service because individuals with this knowledge will be increasingly valuable until the point at which their services will be exclusionary to many businesses’ budgets. Additionally, a service of this type could prevent me from having to utilize another person or business at all. This saves much time, and time really is money, but this type of entity would have to be available for me to access cloud technologies and capabilities, and this company would have to be backed by credible entities.

However, it does exist in the form of a company called CipherCloud, and it is as if they read my rant and acted on it. They are a cyber or Web security company, but they have very refined and particular cloud capabilities that are driven toward bringing businesses and individuals onboard the cloud with particular proficiency. This company allows me the security, but with many other services that are necessary like risk assessment and usage assessment for application discovery. How great is that? It acknowledges the risk of the new cloud technology and offers a succinct solution, and this is only a small portion of their services.

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With Beneful, your dog can choose from many varieties of dog food. November 26, 2015

Our dogs are more than just pets; they are our best friends and companions. We strive to provide the best for our four legged family with the best nutrition possible. Purina‘s Beneful provides 100% of the nutrition that your furry friend needs to remain healthy and happy for a long life full of love.

Beneful offers many varieties that will help your pooch thrive. With the many different flavors and textures available, your friend will always be eager to eat a healthy meal geared just for him. All of the varieties offer anti-oxidants to prevent illness and to keep him active and energetic.

Dry Dog Food

Purina Beneful offers several varieties of dry dog food beginning with the original which comes in many flavors that dogs love. These flavors include; chicken, beef, and salmon, each prepared with real meat and vegetables for a taste to titillate your pet’s taste buds. Beneful also provides Healthy Weight with chicken for the adult dog that needs to watch calories remain healthy. Puppies are a priority with Healthy Puppy, a calcium-rich formula with DHA added to help form the young brain and aid with vision

Wet Dog Food

Although when many think of Purina Beneful, they think of dry dog food. This company specializes in providing a deliciously healthy meal for those who need a wet dog food. Beneful Chopped Blend offers the nutrition of dry dog foods with the moist texture that many dogs love. As with the companies dry food, real, wholesome ingredients create a blend that will make rover happy and healthy at mealtime. The savory sauce mixed with real ingredients will tempt any dog into being excited to eat every meal. With a large variety of flavors, these perfect blends come in either 3 oz. Cans or 10 oz. Re-Sealable tubs.


A real friend would never forget the treats. With Beneful treats, there is no guilt associated with giving your dog unhealthy foods. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges not only taste good, but also help support teeth and strong bones. There will be no more bad breath as these dental treats reduce plaque and tartar as well as freshen breath. Purina also offers Baked Delight’s Hugs especially for those times when a little extra love called for.

Consequently, for a healthy and active dog you can’t go wrong with these and other products from Beneful. With years of experience keeping pets happy and healthy, this large variety of delicious foods will keep your dog coming back for more.



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George Soros: Advocate for Freedom & Success November 24, 2015

“Well, you know, I was a human being before I became a businessman.” -George Soros, via Wikiquote

Business magnate George Soros had an early life comprised of freedom struggles, poverty, and a difficult climb up the corporate ladder in the finance industry. Born August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary as Schwartz Gyorgy, Soros was the son of a lawyer and writer. At the age of 14, the Nazis had occupied Hungary and was targeting Jewish children. Soros went into hiding and eventually lived as an unofficial adoptee of a Hungarian government employee to avoid persecution.

According to his Forbes profile, Soros left his home country for England to study at the London School of Economics, earning a Ph.D. in philosophy after years of supporting himself as a waiter, railway porter, and salesman. His career as a financier began in 1954 with an entry-level job as a clerk at the merchant bank Singer & Friedlander of London. After gaining experience in the arbitrage department, Soros moved to New York in 1956 and became an arbitrage trader for F.M. Mayer, specializing in European stocks.

Soros continued his career by accepting a position with Wertheim & Co. in 1959 as a European securities analyst. A former student of philosopher Karl Popper, Soros incorporated in his business practices by devising the Theory of Reflexivity for Economics. The theory states that market values are based on the ideas of its participants in addition to the economic fundamentals that are present. Ideas influence actions and actions influence ideas, resulting in a symbiotic relationship.

Soros’ fund management experience was acquired during his ten-year tenure as Vice President of Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. From 1963 to 1973, he created First Eagle Funds (1967) and the Double Eagle hedge fund (1969), leading to the formation of his first company, Soros Fund Management in 1970. Soros Fund Management catapulted Soros’ net worth exponentially over the past four decades and has generated over $40 billion, making him one of the 30 richest people in the world.

A privately-held investment management firm based out of New York City, Soros Fund Management is the primary advisor to Quantum Group, an international company which focuses on:

  • Public and private equity
  • Foreign exchange
  • Currency
  • Fixed income markets
  • Commodities
  • Venture capital

Soros has used profits from his management firm to establish the Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic organization dedicated to the support of democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries. Major projects by the foundation include:

  • Scholarships for black students to attend the University of Cape Town in apartheid South Africa
  • Research funding for scientists and educators in Africa and Europe
  • Relief funding for oppressed civilians during the Siege of Sarajevo

Soros has authored over a dozen books and has published several articles in discussions of his views on politics, economics, globalization, philanthropy, and the human condition. Recently, he addressed the European Union regarding financial assistance to the Ukraine.

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Nobilis Health: A successful transformation November 17, 2015

In the last quarter of 2014, Harry Fleming, the President of Nobilis Health on cantechletter in a stakeholders meeting announced the firm’s intent to trade in the Texas Stock Exchange as NHS, the acronym of its new name. Nobilis Health Corporation, formerly known as Northstar Healthcare Incorporated has since 2014 been actively seeking to improve its footprint in the lucrative healthcare industry. The organization collaboratively works with physicians towards the ownership on of acute care facilities as well as the management ambulatory healthcare services. It operations revolve around owning and managing the interests of six ambulatory surgery centers, a surgical hospital in Houston, an urgent health care services provision center as well as two magnetic resonance imaging facilities.

The US healthcare industry has been on the rebound over the last few years and as such, the US legislators have been working towards formulating laws that will further streamline the industry to meet current societal needs. For instance, the growing aging population and increasing number of Americans suffering obesity has driven the demand for ambulatory surgery services to rise significantly. In line with this market dynamic, Nobilis Health Corp has been working to strengthen its position in the American health care industry. It acquired the majority interest in a surgical center and hospital in Houston. The organization’s president provides that it will proactively continue on an aggressive expansion drive and continuously enhance existing as well as new marketing programs. This is perceived as the blueprint towards maximizing profitability and generating greater shareholder wealth throughout 2015.

Nobilis Health Corporation’s 3rd quarter results showed that the revenue collected as net patient service fees increased by a staggering 125% compared to results of the same period the previous year. More so, the number of new cases for the period increased by nearly 23% compared to the same period the previous year showing that the marketing campaigns were positively on course. The rise in net revenue collected for patient services was however eroded by increases in administrative and general costs stemming from greater investments towards revenue diversification and growth.

As such, financial analysts have been rating the NHC share as second placed with financial firms rating it as a 1:1 buy. In the third quarter of 2015, the organization’s share price dropped by almost 23% with the overall stock performance for 2015 standing at slightly over 80%. However, as of October this year, the firm’s share price has increased by more than 4% and risen by an average of 81% in one month. This phenomenal transformation is attributable to NHC’s organic growth strategy as well as good outcomes on its recent mergers and acquisition. Furthermore, during the fourth month of 2015, the organization successfully closed a debt financing facility worth 25 million dollars with the Heath Care Financial Services firm, GE Capital. This funding is to be used towards its growth plans as well as reduce its outstanding indebtedness stemming from its aggressive expansion drive. If this successful transformation drive continues, the organization is bound to be a highly sought after company in the TSX in coming months.

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Finance Professional Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is an executive who is the head of Trucept, Inc, a company that was previously known by the name of Smart-Tek Solutions, Inc. He works as Trucept’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), chairman, president and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He’s currently based in San Diego, California.

Although Trucept, Inc. is a major focus for Bonar, it’s not his sole place of employment. He also works for Dalrada Financial Corp. as its Chief Executive Officer and chairman.

At Trucept, Inc., Bonar specializes in services and products that are related to insurance. He also specializes in temporary staffing matters. The professional’s role at Dalrada Financial Corp. is to oversee the company’s management practices. He also is responsible for sales techniques.

Before Bonar worked for Trucept Inc. and Dalrada Financial Corp. he had positions at illustrious companies such as Allegiant Professional Business Services, AMS Outsourcing, Itec Imaging Technologies, Bezier Systems, the Rastek Corporation and Adaptec, among various others.

When Bonar was employed at Allegiant Professional Business Services, he was the head of marketing and sales. He was the company president between the years of 2008 and 2010. When he worked at Itec Imaging Technologies as the sales and marketing vice president, his duties centered around keeping up with contacts for East Asian printing companies, specifically those from both South Korea and Japan. He worked at Itec Imaging Technologies from the fall of 1995 to the fall of 1999.

As far as education goes, Bonar is an alumnus of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. He earned his undergraduate degree there. He also earned MBA (Master of Business Administration) and doctorate degrees from a respected Stoke-on-Trent institution known as Staffordshire University. One of Bonar’s early jobs was a position at IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) U.K. Ltd. that started in the spring of 1969 and ended in 1985. He worked as a procurement manager for the large corporation. Bonar was in charge of motherboard outsourcing for certain varieties of computers.

Bonar has a number of strong talents and areas of expertise. These include sourcing, finance, private equities, lead generation, entrepreneurship, recruiting, venture capital, sales, mergers, acquisitions, marketing techniques, process improvement, restructuring, IPO (initial public offering), business development, employee relations, small businesses, competitive assessments, contract negotiation, consulting and strategic partnerships.

Bonar has been acknowledged for the fine work he’s provided throughout the course of his lengthy career. In 2000, he was named on the “Who’s Who” list of very important persons from all around the globe.

When Bonar isn’t busy offering his skills and knowledge to Trucept, Inc. and Dalrada Financial Corp., he likes to spend time with his family. He also greatly enjoys participating in outdoor recreational activities such as golfing and boating.

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Adam Sender Has The Art World Buzzing!

When it comes to the world of art, Adam Sender is a name that has been popping up a lot lately. While Sender is not an artist himself, he does have a very good eye for beautiful and expensive pieces. Sender is not even an art dealer, in fact he has made his money in the world of finance. Sender runs a very successful hedge fund, that he has managed for many years. While he was building the wealth of the hedge fund, he was also quietly building a massive art collection on the side.

What sets Sender apart from most art collectors, is his ability to acquire early art from up and coming artists before they became famous. This allowed Sender to get in early and really build a wealthy collection, that grew in value over the last two decades. But Sender has now felt the need to liquidate part of his collection and the art world is buzzing about it. The majority of Sender’s collection will be slowly auctioned off over the course of a year, by Sotheby’s auction house. 400 art pieces will be available for sale to the highest bidder.

The 400 art pieces that Sender is selling is expected to bring at least 70 million dollars, when all sales are final. This is a huge pay day for Sender, who is already very wealthy. By selling his art, Sender is allowing other buyers a chance at owning some of the best contemporary pieces on the planet. Buyers are already lining up to view the works of art and the next year is going to be a big one in the world of fine art. If you would like to get in on this chance of a lifetime, then you better have some deep pockets, because these are really some amazing works of art.

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Becoming A CEO: A View From The Top, IT Industry Heavyweight Shaygan Kheradpir Journey November 10, 2015

British-Iranian IT industry executive Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir graduated Cornell University a doctor of engineering. At the said educational institution, he’s served the Engineering Council as a distinguished adviser. He’s sampled various industries ranging from payments, Telecom to media. He also held a position on the U.S. NIST National Institute of Standards & Technology advisory board. Today, he’s Coriant’s board chairman and chief executive. Coriant is an IT industry innovator and networking solutions supplier. It supplies the world’s top-10 global CSPs (Communications Service Providers) across 100+ countries. With 28+ years as a technology innovator and business leader, Mr. Kheradpir has nursed executive careers in different industries from financial services to Telecom. His career took off from GTE Corporation (Verizon Communications), a Telecom giant where he became the CIO (Chief Information Officer) and EVP (Executive Vice President) of Verizon. At the said corporation, he successfully spearheaded numerous product management, systems modernization, innovation and efficiency initiatives. FiOS, a first-class infrastructure that has a controlling capital investment valued at $20-billion is among projects he’s led. Barclays, another industry Veteran specializing in global investment banking became his next big-project. He was the bank’s COO (Chief Operations Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Additionally, he became an Executive Committee member of the said bank. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir on Twitter became an instrumental leader at Barclays where he organized a series of innovations meant to automate the bank’s core operations. He introduced “TRANSFORM,” an initiative that focused on modernizing franchises spread across 50 sites. The bank’s global workforce includes 15, 000 employees. After Barclays, Mr. Kheradpir secured an executive role at Juniper Networks. His appointment as chief executive took the company to imagined success. Mr. Kheradpir masterminded numerous development initiatives, notably an IOP (Integrated Operating Plan with a focus on strategic growth measures. With this newly developed initiative, he indulged in High-IQ Networking and Cloud Builder Innovations. Marlin Equity Partners, a prominent private equity manager was Mr. Kherapir’s next destination following a successful leadership at Juniper Networks. Strategic technology and telecom investments became the executive’s main interest. His appointment as chief executive of Coriant, a vendor of optical-networking services and a Marlin Equity Partners brand came as no surprise. Marlin Equity Partners launched Coriant back in 2013. Mr. Kheradpir succeeded its previous CEO, Mr. Pat DiPietro who’s now an executive V.P. (Vice President). The IT officer and successful executive Mr. Kheradpir were among the nominees at the celebrated WSJ (Wall Street Journal) CIO-Network event last year. In fact, his profile outperformed many of the candidates polled. He’s an example that stood out because he’s spent most of his career as an elite executive at top-ranked IT companies. An estimated 120 CIO (Chief Information Officers) had attended the event. All gave insightful answers about becoming future CEO. Of the lot, Mr. Kheradpir crafted a humble response which was impactful. As an IT industry heavyweight, he’s an exemplary leader and his journey has inspired many CIO looking to become a CEO. For Mr. Kheradpir, going beyond CIO wasn’t an ambition, but merely a process. With his industrious attitude towards work, his colossal success isn’t a controversy.

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The Life and Career Path of Brian Bonar November 7, 2015

Brian Bonar is a renowned successful financial executive consultant. He is the president of Truecept INC. He has a broad background in business leadership, for instance, he served as the head of companies such as Dalrada Financial Firm

The Early Life of Brian Bonar

The larger part of his success is attributed to his technical background. Mr. Bonar knows how to create an operational business structure. He earned his undergraduate degree in Engineering from the Watt Technical University. He then proceeded to study for his masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stanford.

Business Accomplishments and History

Bonar has served as the procurement manager in IBM Company for five years. He went on to QMS Company where he served as the director of the engineering department and managed over 100 employees. He went on to Adaptec Company where he held the position of sales manager. Besides, he also worked for many more companies and Darlrada Financial Company, in particular, revered him as an incredibly helpful and reliable colleague. After gathering, the massive wealth of experience from the diverse firms he worked for, Brian Bonar was ready to start his company called Bezier Systems.

Area of Specialty.

Bonar employs a personable and creative approach to life. He combines the technical ingenuity of an engineer with the creative influence of an architect. He has specialty in acquisitions and mergers. His love for the design process and conscientious attention in executing objectives drives his approach as the MG2 principle. He has unrivaled expertise in building design, procurement, design development ,contract administration, and land approvals and uses his vast knowledge to advice project stakeholders through the intricate procedures. He creates high-missioned teams to develop and deliver creative designs solutions. He strives to strengthen the client trust via each opportunity presented.

Hobbies and Awards

He received the award of who’s who in 2000. His hobbies include boating trips, golfing, and likes to spend quality time with his family.

Goals and Aspirations

Over his lengthy career, he has developed a reputation of a leader determined to achieve the aspirations and goals of his clients, project partners, and team members. Mr. Bonar diverse blend of experience coupled with a portfolio, which includes aviation, retail, educational projects, multi-family housing and commercial, he has created great projects, client relationships and teams.

Bonar’s Job Description

As the head of Trucept Inc., Mr. Bonar facilitates completion of tasks such as management of payroll for both small and big companies. He also facilitates management of the employee benefits and administration of human resources. His company offers long-term and temporary staffing solutions. Mr. Bonar fosters risk management, which is a significant aspect of the start and maintenance of successful business.

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Yeonmi Park and Her Fight For Civil Rights October 30, 2015

Yeonmi Park has been through a lot in her twenty-one years of life, there aren’t many people who are as qualified to speak on humans and civil rights as her. She snuck out of North Korea at the very young age of fifteen with her mother and some others in 2009. She has personally experienced oppression and what it’s like to have no freedom, to have every part of your life controlled, your thoughts, your emotions, even your feelings about your life. She represents those people and what they have been through and lived. She now lives in South Korea and spreads the word about doing something about what these people are going through. She has become such an inspiration for people in countries that struggle with this type of life. She is also in the process of writing a book about her experiences, her life and what she has learned.

Being an activist against South Korea and being a defector of their country has had it’s problems such as being questioned about bringing her mother with her and bringing her father later on because he was being held as a prisoner. Him having had cancer and how her father had been captured by troops and locked up so the media has said he died in North Korea. She is now saying he defected later on instead of with her and her mother and then went to China for treatment for his cancer, even though she initially said he defected with her and her mother. She speaks of how different it was to arrive in South Korea and say what she was thinking without the fear of being arrested by the police . Yeonmi Park says she had to learn to think and to express herself by her book on Amazon to really and truly be able to be free.

Yeonmi is currently attending college at Dongguk University and is a junior in Korea where she is majoring in Criminal Justice, she has come a long way since arriving in South Korea with the equivalent of a second grade education. She is very often heard on radio shows and on television where she talks of crossing the icy waters to safety, leaving behind starving to death, diseases, or ending in a work camp and being worked until she died. She says her family was marked as traitors because they thought her father was smuggling things in and out of the country. She talks of being sold as a child bride to someone doing human trafficking as she hid for two years from the police so as not to be returned to North Korea. She and her mom then escaped across the desert to the country of Mongolia then was rescued by diplomats and taken to South Korea which then made them citizens. She said they still felt like an outsider as they were taken to a center to learn the basics of the country for three months. She soon learned things she never knew existed, things like what she liked and what made her happy, things they were never allowed to imagine before. She said she had never been allowed to think this way, much less verbalize it.

It was a whole new world for her and the people she escaped with, they could finally dream of a career, what they wanted to wear, or watching television. She learned to think for herself and now wants that for her people in North Korea and is hoping to make that happen in the future.

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Magic Mike’s New Movie Has Some New Moves October 27, 2015

Is there more than one story in the tale of a male stripper and his colleagues? Magic Mike was the 2012 surprise hit that with a wry script and polished dance moves pointed out that stripping isn’t a great career choice, regardless if you’re a man or a woman. The film follows the titular character (played by actor Tatum Channing, himself a former stripper) as he dances a few nights a week to earn money to start his own business. Though the original film starts out as a light-hearted romp, it becomes increasingly dark as the industry’s seamy side is revealed. After rescuing a younger stripper from a close call with drugs, our hero assures his love interest as the original movie ends that his stripper days are through.

However, as that film’s sequel, Magic Mike XXL shows, stripping isn’t quite through with Mike. Magic Mike XXL takes place three years after the events of the original film. Mike has given up the clothes shucking life and now owns his own business. But it’s struggling, his romance of the previous film is over, and when he’s reunited with some old stripping buddies, he discovers that he misses aspects of his old life. It doesn’t take much for his former co-workers to talk him into a road trip and a performance at a “stripper’s convention” in Myrtle Beach, which will also serve as the group’s stripping swan song. The guys then embark on a series of on-the-road misadventures, meet new love interests, and of course, steal the show when they get to that Myrtle Beach convention.

Magic Mike XXL features light hearted moments, nice choreography, and hunky men removing their clothing. But compelling plot and character development are lacking in this sequel, and it lacks the wry, dark twists that made the first movie memorable.

One bright spot in the film however, is Crystal Hunt, who plays Lauren, one of the free-spirited women the guys encounter on their trip. While Hunt is new to the Magic Mike franchise, she is certainly no stranger to acting. Hunt got her start in show business at the age of two when she participated in a pageant. From there, she moved onto commercials for Walt Disney and the city of New York. As a teenager, Hunt won notice and a Daytime Emmy nomination on the serial Guiding Light. She was also a regular on another long-running daytime drama, One Life To Live.

In addition to her serial work, and Magic Mike XXL, Hunt appeared in the films Derby Stallion (2005) and Sydney White (2007). Her most recent project is a “non-scripted” series for the cable network known as Pop. Titled Drama Queens, the series features Hunt and other former daytime drama actresses as they create, produce, and perform in a pilot for a new television series. In addition to her acting work, Hunt served as a co-producer on the independent thriller, Talbot County.

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