‘Mom’ I Was Hungry May 24, 2016

Economic collapse can cause a lot of things to occur, because when people are desperate they will do whatever it takes to survive explained by expert Danilo Diaz Granados. The current state of emergency for Venezuela is but one of a long line of current economic disasters around the world; however, this darling of a country was thought to be a poster child.
The food riots have begun as people are trying to get what they can because, in the end, survival at the most basic level is all that is thought of. At the Guardian, reports are that as food lines have formed based on there being items such as chicken and rice, the expectations to get a fair share has been interrupted.

When the food lines are insufficient people have been reported to break into bakeries and take what they need. This is the current state of Venezuela because people are desperate for basic things. “Chicken and rice is a delicacy turned luxury and will be the difference between some facing starvation” added Granados.

The government is still able to maintain a little control as these protest against what is happening have quickly turned into rioting. There is little room for holding back on either side because looting begets looting and that is a no win situation for both. The ability to eat cannot be taken for granted at this time because people are hungry and they can’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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Video Email Marketing Made Easy by Talk Fusion May 17, 2016

Talk Fusion is a company that was founded in 2007. They offer innovative video marketing services that businesses from all over the globe can take advantage of to reach their audience better. CEO and founder Bob Reina got the idea for his company after he tried to insert a 10-second video into an email that he was sending through America Online’s service, but was told that it’s not possible. This has led him to team up with a friend having experienced in IT to create solutions that let people insert videos right into emails without much difficulty.

Video marketing can be very useful for businesses across all industries. According to a report on the topic by Hello Tesla, a business that decides to include video in their email marketing campaigns can actually increase their email marketing revenue by 40%. As Internet use has grown, people are now receiving more and more marketing emails and are starting to pay less attention to them. However, combining the power of video marketing with email marketing has been shown to give companies a way to capture the attention of their audiences.

A study done by the Relevancy Group shows that emails containing a video are 20% more likely to be opened and have click-through rates that are 2 to 3 times higher. Video is able to do a lot of things that text can’t, such as giving you a far more efficient way of expressing the personality behind your brand.

Video marketing is so powerful that entire businesses have been founded around it. Talk Fusion is one of the most reputable companies in this industry, ranking as the 8th biggest provider of online video content across the world.

What makes them so popular is just how easy their services are to use. They make video marketing accessible to all businesses, large or small. They provide more than 1,000 templates to get users started, with the option of creating customized ones for those who are more experienced. The products offered by Talk Fusion allow businesses to quickly create video newsletters and marketing emails.

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ClassDojo: Improving Classroom Behavior and Generate Real-Time Data May 12, 2016

Communicating throughout the school day ensure that parents receive consistent updates of what their children are experiencing and how they are behaving at school. ClassDojo is a tool that engages students and keeps parent updated. It is the easiest way for teachers to encourage their students and motivate positive behaviors while sharing best moments in school with parents. Students love positive energy from both parents and teachers, and they will often strive for Dojo points rewards.


Class Dojo can be used both as a website and as an app that is supported by versatile devices including Android and iOS devices. If you land on the main page, there is nice introductory video and summary of things you can do with ClassDojo. A teacher you can encourage students to track their progress, to parent you can send an announcement, images, and messages, which have read receipt to show who have seen the information.


Teachers use ClassDojo to schedule class activities and let them be known to parents and send photos and video to parent showing off students’ latest participation in class. Teacher customize ClassDojo to fit their classroom and reward students for things like teamwork, completing homework in time, arriving school on time, participating in class discussions or whatever benefits a teacher will like to see and impact in a classroom.


A simple thing like picture speaks thousands word, and a video millions words. Using ClassDojo parent will enjoy magical moments seeing children fully absorbed in classroom task such drawing, painting, reciting a poem, putting a project together or whatever a child is participating at to create excellence.


After an interview with Nottingham Primary School children, it was noted that students love ClassDojo for several reasons. Firstly, it is because they can Change their avatar and get Dojo Points for helping peers in the classroom, answer a question correctly, handle homework, showing to school on time, and the list was endless. One particular girl was very proud of getting Dojo points because when she gets home, she will get a “well done” from her parents. For this reason, she wanted to behave and do well even more.


ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011, the company has already raised $21 million which is used to grow their team and exploring more features and content that can be useful to parents, teachers, and students, not only at school but also at home.


Learn more about ClassDojo:




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Beneful has plenty of variety May 10, 2016

I was in the store the other dy, looking for dog food. I came across several products by the Beneful brand. Have you seen these? Their most memorable product is the wet dog food they produce. That’s not all they make though! They have several options for the choosy dog owner.
Nestle Purinastore produces several kinds of dog food. The first one that caught my eye was their dry dog food. They have so many flavors of it! The one that really seemed to stand out to me as something my dog would like to try was their Real Beef version. This version of their dry food contains actual beef inside it! What dog doesn’t like to have their food made with real beef? They also offer dry food made with real chicken or salmon! Beneful knows just what dogs love to much on.

They also offer on Wal-Mart a very unique options for dogs. They have wet dog food (https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/)! Some of the varieties of their food actually look good enough to eat yourself! They offer their Incredibites for smaller dogs. It comes in real beef and other tasty flavors. For the normal sized dog, they carry a doggy version of beef stew! There is also a Tuscan blend for your pup. It’s chock full of nutrients like all Beneful meals are. Beneful uses real ingredients like tomatoes, spinach, carrots, and wild rice. They have so many other options! Let your best friend dine tonight on something absolutely delicious and healthy for him.



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Words Free: Visual Search Engines Are Changing The Web May 9, 2016

Since the 1990s the internet has changed rapidly. Connection speeds are faster, services available online have expanded, and mobility has been introduced. Search engines have also transformed from wholly text-based to almost entirely visual search engines seen today. Image recognition, the ability of certain machines to recognize visual information, has enabled the advancement of visual search engines.

Now visual search engines have become so sophisticated we can reverse image search by simply putting the image itself into a search engine. As internet users demand faster and more graphically focused content, visual search engines are playing an increasingly greater role in internet traffic.

The core of a visual search engine is image recognition technology. A fairly versatile form of artificial intelligence, it’s finding its way into everything from medicine to security. More recently, Facebook has announced that it will develop its own computer vision AI program with the intention of making it superior to human visual processing power.

The drive towards this more advanced image recognition technology has been behind the rise of visual search engines. Image recognition programs dissect pictures and analyze individual parts in order to get a better understanding of the picture. This then allows the search engine to find similar images.   One of the movers and shakers of image recognition is the company Slyce. Founded by Cameron Chell and Erike Racicot in January 2012, the company has spent the last 4 years building up its image recognition technology to unprecedented quality.

An example of this amazing innovation can be seen in the Visual Relevancy Engine, a search engine which compares pictures of products and finds similar products based upon visual matches. They have expanded this technology to produce mobile apps that allow users to search uses imagery alone for whatever they wish to purchase. The quality of their technology is so high it is often compared to the technology found in science fiction movies.

Visual search engines are eventually going to become the dominant way of searching for things on the web. From the image searches of familiars like Bing and Google to apps such as Slyce, the power of technology is producing a paradigm shift towards an exciting future in a similar way to what voice recognition and biosensor technology have been able to do.

Text based search engines are losing their popularity with each passing day. After all it seems like looks really are everything.

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Prince’s Epic Style Moments May 1, 2016

“She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a secondhand store. She wore a raspberry beret, and if it was warm she wouldn’t wear much more.” -Prince song Raspberry Beret.

She may have worn a raspberry beret with not much else when it was warm, but what were the top fashion moments of the songwriter himself -the famous and magical music genius-Prince? Prince had a wild assortment of outfits and costumes that he
wore during his extensive music career. In the wake of his sudden death that has caused his fans around the world to say “this is what it sounds like when doves cry”, here are his top most epic style moments.

Prince made a giant purple splash in 1984 when Purple Rain came out. His outfits during the film and during his tours at the time were purple, sparkly long coats, paisley suits, cloud suits with white shirts covered in lace and frills. He resembled an eighties New Romantics version of how classical composers like Mozart dressed. He had the loose Jheri curl hairstyle. Along with his beautiful clothes he was rarely seen without his signature electric cloud guitar.

Crop tops are popular today for women, but at the time the Kiss music video came out Prince popularized crop tops for men with his sleek black crop top, leather jacket, 
black pants and black heels.

During the late eighties Prince did the soundtrack for the Batman movie directed by Tim Burton and starring Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger. Prince did several music videos to go along with his songs. In the Batdance video Prince had a half Joker half Batman look and costume. While he wandered around a gothic styled set like the Phantom of the Opera he was surrounded by dancers dressed like the Joker, Batman and Vicki Vale. Many of the dancers were cross dressing to give the video a gender bending twist.

During the nineties Prince was inspired by his first wife Mayte Garcia -who is from Spain- to try out matador outfits which meshed perfectly with his heels. He wore tight-waisted jackets with broad shoulders covered in sparkles and tight pants that fit along his slim build perfectly.

In 1991 he startled everyone at the MTV VMA’s with his performance of his sexually charged song Gett Off. The dancers were all nearly nude and pantomiming “getting it on” and Prince was wearing a yellow lace suit sans any covering on his backside with a matching yellow cloud guitar. He rocked a shorter hair with a long curl hanging in front of one eye.

Prince’s last few albums he was rocking a natural fro and futuristic ensembles. High collared shirts in metallic colors, peach or geometrical patterns. He also switched his usual plain black shades for third eye sunglasses, round frame sunglasses or an eye mask. His electric guitars had more of a classic body to them but he’d usually have his guitars match his stage outfit.

JustFab may not sell outfits like what Prince wore, but like Prince and his ensembles JustFab seeks to give their customers style that will allow them to express themselves. JustFab is a subscription based fashion store for fashionistas who want beautiful clothing at an agreeable price range. They sell dresses, shoes, jeans, tops, bottoms, purses and jewelry. JustFab also is partnered up with subsidiary companies for kid clothes, work out clothing and men’s clothing.

Learn out more about JustFab on:

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Spending 40 Days In The Dark April 28, 2016

Towns in Venezuela will be in the dark during certain times of the day. The city has imposed 40 days of blackouts according to Diaz Granados. This wouldn’t be throughout the entire day, but there will be times when residents could be inconvenienced. It’s the latest effort to try to conserve electricity in a country that doesn’t have much to spare. Because of the drought, the country doesn’t have the water needed to produce electricity. Until there is substantial rain, this is one of the solutions that leaders have established. A Myspace user believes that an unorganized government could be the reason that there is no electricity instead of no water. One of the things to think about is that Venezuela is one of the richest countries in regards to oil. If there is so much oil in the country, then there shouldn’t be any issues with electricity of money to tap into an electrical source.


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Bruce Levenson Most Famous Endeavors April 5, 2016

Early Years
Bruce Levenson was born and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland from a well established Jewish family that has shown him the values of honoring family practices. His family had a number of retail stores in the alcohol beverage market in the Washington D.C, vicinity. He was very intrigued when Bruce Levenson was in highschool with politics, after high school he graduated in 1971 from the Washington University with a degree in political science. Bruce Levenson also enrolled at the American University and received his law degree in 1976.

Mr. Levenson started his profession on Forbes, not as an attorney, but as a journalist for a number of newspapers. In 1977, Mr. Bruce Levenson on wikipedia along with a friend Ed Peskowitz started his own publishing enterprise named United Communications Group, which publish a newspaper known as Oil Express. The newspaper delivers information about oil innovations all around the world combined with the latest activities in the oil market. United Communications Group has been a very thriving endeavor which now has widened in delivering information about banking, technology, healthcare, energy, telecommunication along with many other businesses.

Atlanta Hawks LLC,
One of Bruce Levenson’s most famous achievements came about in 2004, when he and his friend Ed Peskowitz invested in the Atlanta Hawks, LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia for two hundred and fifty million dollars. They are the executives of the Atlanta Hawk basketball team together with the Atlanta Thrashers hockey league and also the Phillips Arena.

While managing the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson has been very successful at making draft and trade selection among the players, allowing the team to remain competitive. This success has allowed the team to reach the NBA playoffs for seven straight seasons.

In 2011, the owners attempted to sell the Atlanta Thrashers and the Atlanta Hawks but was only successful in selling the Atlanta Thrashers. In June of 2015, Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks team to a collection of buyers led by businessman Antony Ressler for around seven hundred and thirty million dollars, which turned out to be incredibly lucrative for Bruce Levenson.

Humanitarian Project
Mr. Levenson most current humanitarian project consists of the organization of a not for profit management center located on the campus of the University of Maryland. This project is designed to help train students in how to set up and manage charities and not for profit companies. Bruce Levenson presently lives with his wife and three boys in Maryland and is enjoying his well-established family beliefs of honoring family traditions.

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The Expansion of RE/MAX in New York March 22, 2016

The company was founded in the 1970s by Dave Liniger. The company boasts of having agents to the tune of 100,000 around the globe. The idea that helped this company grow is the fact that the founder sold the master franchise in different states in the United States which in turn set up other local offices. With the aim of expanding the company and the influence, the company made an announcement to the effect that the company had bought back the first franchise in New York. The company also bought back 16 franchise offices aimed at achieving the same goal.

With the aid of Terri Bohannon leading a team of marketing executives, the company aims to embark on rigorous marketing strategies that would see them expand operations in the city of New York. The honchos of the company are optimistic that the drive will work in their favor and achieve their intended goal of expansion and rapid growth in New York City. The founder of RE/MAX still firmly believes that an experienced team would be instrumental in being able to enter and expand their services in Manhattan.

Although generally a daunting task for offices operating in the suburbs to establish in Manhattan, Dave Liniger opines that a firm ought to approach the area with a different mindset from the one that helped expand the franchise in other areas. Therefore to achieve this, it is incumbent on the owners to get a workforce that is able to resonate with the targeted communities and understands them and people willing to drive the franchise forward in Manhattan. To lend credence to this idea, he observes the growth of master franchises in New York has been made possible using the same ways.

Town Residential is one of the Master Franchise in New York formed by Andrew Heiberger in 2010. In under a period of five years, it has established as one of the real estate firms that provide top notch services to their clients due to their highly experienced staff.

The Franchise provides real estate property for the people in New York and is well aware of the kind of property that the people are interested in be it commercial or residential.

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The Fashion Set’s Glossary March 20, 2016

If you have felt a bit lost with the language of Fashion Weeks’ coverage, let’s cover the basics. Man Repeller reviews the fashion terms they use most people aren’t familiar with.

The Beginner’s Glossary
Accordion pleats: the fabric is sewn to resemble the instrument
Appliqué: an added design to fabric, which has a broad meaning but usually applied to patches, florals, lace, or sequin work.
Bodice: the chest of a blouse that includes everything above the waist and not the sleeves. If you took the piece apart, the bodice itself would resemble a vest. A bodice can also refer to a corset shaped piece.
Box pleats: give the form of a plaid prep school skirt and is accomplished by sewing fabric away from itself.
Brocade: a raised fabric made out of rich materials, such a silk or suede and sewn with silver or gold
Crochet: the knit is finished in each section, as opposed to the material composing the entire piece as is possible in a knit.
Paillette: a large sequin that is big enough to hang as a sculptural piece. When sewn in a row they appear similar to fish scales.
Piping: moulding for fabric seams. It covers a seam and is familiar to most as the raised white detailing used on surfboard shorts.
Plumage: Feathers are as abundant as they are on a peacock.
Pussy Bow: a large, loose bow. Most used in a scarf tie or a blouse strings around the neck.
Ruche: how a fabric is gathered in either a line or point. It is typically used as ruching in a sentence.
Yoke: a fabric panel to add structural integrity to a piece, for instance, a the panel on a cowboy shirt in between the shoulder blades.

Apply your new knowledge to your wardrobe. Go to JustFab and sign-up for a VIP Membership and receive access to a curated online boutique and monthly subscription services that deliver handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry to your door.

View their videos on youtube.

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